BABY GEAR from Winnie the Pooh and Decorative Items for Bumble or Honey Bee Nursery Themes - CLASSIC POOH NURSERY DECORATING IDEAS!

Do you have worries that your Classic Pooh Nursery Theme may be over the top in the collectibles area? Is it possible to have too much Winnie the Pooh?

With the ceramic honeypot being Winnie the Pooh's favorite bit of crockery, here's an opportunity to add some Baby Honeybee theme decorations and gear into your Winnie the Pooh's 100 Acre Woods decor.

Some HoneyBee and large beehive Wallpaper cut outs would be delightful when combined with other Pooh Bear stuff.

Baby Girl Nursery Lighting Ideas - Nursery Table Lamps and Light Fixtures for Feminine Baby Nursery Themes

An important area that you don't want to skip when designing a luxurious nursery theme is appropriate lighting. Light fixtures are essential items but, we are not going to consider your average run-of-the-mill boring table lamp. We want the latest in sparkling, funky and fun nursery chandeliers!

In modern homes, elevated ceilings call for larger, eye-catching nursery chandeliers.

Here's some BABY GEAR Blog archives with just too many cool resources and nursery decorating ideas to toss! Enjoy! Need Help or Ideas About Infant Christening Clothing

I never realized the need for infant christening clothing help! Formal clothing for special occasions can be just as much fun as our other baby gear.

A christening or baptismal ceremony and party takes a lot of stuff! Everybody wants to give a memorable christening gift and I'm leaning toward personalized christening blankets as my favorite gift.

It's personalized, it's pretty and the parents can save it in the baby's memory box for years.



I'm always getting requests for a resource for designer replicas, knockoffs or fakes. You know, the Coach purses or diaper bags that are inspired by baby gear and diaper bags that celebrity moms use.

There's no reason for Sarah Jessica Parker, Marcia Cross and Britney Spears to corner the market on cool celebrity diaper bags, baby gear and celebrity style nurseries when you can get good designer fakes (designer inspired is what I mean), is there?

This Coach fake in a black and red tote will go with a lot of outfits and I could use it through summer and early fall.

These Coach fakes might not have all the zippered compartments and extras of a Coach Diaper bag, but any of these fakes would have plenty of room to use as a diaper bag in a pinch. And they are SO COOL!!! Don't you just love the striped fake with the gold trim?

I have my eye on a white Spring 2007 Balenciaga fake motorcycle bag or a turquoise one, I just know that I don't have enough money to get an authentic handbag so I'll have to get one of the replicas and be happy with that!



If we were to see the Fleurville mixed OGO sling tote without knowing it's intended as a baby diaper bag, we'd just think it was a messenger bag in a cool lime green, pink and brown print that coordinates nicely with our other diaper bags and baby gear. The matching wristlet is called the Escape Pod! How cute! If you're hooked on baby gear and diaper bags, you need more than one and this one is really cool.

Fleurville is an inexpensive baby diaper bag that looks as good as one of the designer bags for an expensive price! This diaper bag is stunning in several shades of aqua, lime green and chocolate brown. The print could almost be called oriental or Asian at first glance and then the color scheme seems to whisper "retro" and call for a pair of wedges or strappy flats and some baby gear with Japanese pagoda print fabrics. Fleurville baby bags is a line of baby gear with an expensive look that may be partially responsible for keeping the luxury designer brands from sleeping like babies at night! Well, Fleurville and the designer diaper bag fakes and knockoffs maybe.

Fleurville has had sling totes with a print that gave a nod to cherry blossoms that had a subdued Asian feel, but the floral print just didn't do it for me.

The Fleurville OGO sling tote is completely versatile and can go from a baby bag to a casual daytime purse in a flash!

The Fleurville Mixed OGO sling tote is smaller than the classic Fleurville Mothership but is still big enough for a newborn infant and older and will certainly do until you know what to pack in a bigger diaper bag.



After searching high and low I managed to locate a NEW Pottery Barn Kids GARDEN PARTY Toddler Crib DUVET cover that I believe had been discontinued. I thought the best chance I had to find this duvet for my baby’s crib was on the bedding closeout table at the local Pottery Barn kids store.

The kinds of baby bedding that this duvet would work with are endless. It would look fabulous with a retro nursery theme with a hot pink, lime green, or yellow fuzzy faux fur rug on the floor. The print on the Baby Garden Party duvet is an unusual mix of Paisley print, bright flowers (maybe daisies, dianthus and carnations?) and butterflies. What a cheap way to update your current set of baby crib bedding and give it a whole new look. CHEAP!

pottery barn kids discontinued closeout discount sale garden party toddler twin duvet cover baby crib bedding pattern theme daisies hot pink yellow pictures baby crib bedding



The perfect place to get some traditional redneck baby names would be the classic comic strip LIL ABNER.

However, it hit me that I don't know Mammy or Pappy Yokum's real names. And I'm not sure about Daisy Yokum s middle name, but I think it was May or Mae!

May was a really popular baby name at the first of last century and one that deserves to see the light of day in this one!

There were even some celebrities that had the name like Mae West!



At the time that I wrote the first article on my website, Hello Kitty items were hot in the world of baby gear and kids bedroom accessories. Somehow I never got around to writing an article on a Hello Kitty nursery theme, but it was on my to do list (with lots of other nursery decorating ideas that I haven't gotten around to putting in print) to use for in article on one of the ways to put together a pretty pink baby girls nursery using popular characters recognizable to kids. It seems that in a very short time the Hello Kitty line has lost its edge in baby gear and stuff for the tween crowd. There's just not that much demand for much more than Hello Kitty cell phone stuff.

Hello Kitty is showing some age with approximately 33 years on the shelves so now she is about to get a complete makeover in celebration of an association with the Beijing Olympics. I'm sure that the manufacturers were puzzled as to how to revive the image of the pretty little kitty cat that had previously been so popular with cat lovers and kids, but is dressing her up in costumes going to do it?

The final products have yet to be unveiled but word is that Hello Kitty is going to be reinvented as a kitty cat dressed as a

  • Hello Kitty panda bear
  • Hello Kitty black devil
  • Hello Kitty Angel sporting a pair of angelic wings

I read that these new Hello Kitty characters will be used in lines of plush, stuffed animals; the usual accessories which I'm sure will include her trademark traditional coin purses etc., pajamas and lingerie, and even a line of Hello Kitty perfumes.

It's not clear to me whether these Hello Kitty decorative items are being marketed to tweens, teens, moms looking for cute baby gear or who precisely the target demographic might be. It's my opinion that the now vintage Hello Kitty stuff that was appropriate for toddlers on up to preteens is being left behind.

I could possibly use some Hello Kitty baby angels in a baby angel nursery theme but somehow I can't wrap myself around a cat dressed like panda bear on a set of crib bedding. Nor can I use a white cat dressed like a black devil for decorations in any child's room theme that I can think of at the moment. It's a wait and see situation.



We've all been warned about buying those fabulous Gucci bags that we found at a super cheap discount or those Louis Vuitton totes at a price that's not be believed. There's always the chance that even at low low prices that you're still not getting a bargain. Knockoffs and fakes are out there and by this time modern, sophisticated shoppers know one when they see one.

What we have not considered is that these cheap (and illegal) imports are not only ripping us off they may be downright dangerous. We all read the news this week about the Thomas the Train toys that may or may not have had some lead in their paint. Somehow they slipped through the cracks in the system. It's my opinion that if LEGAL imported products can have problems what about the ILLEGAL ones?

Lots of moms use large designer bags as diaper bags, baby gear bags or baby beach or swim gear bags. I don't know about your baby but my baby mouthed and drooled on anything that couldn’t outrun her. What if she had gotten hold of a designer fake, baby teether or toy with some kind of toxic dye or finish and it made her really sick? I know I may be over thinking the situation because there have been no instances of problems with knockoffs; actually the problems have been with authentic items!

I vow to do my best to only buy designer INSPIRED bags and not illegal fakes that misrepresent no matter how strong the temptation!

I want my baby gear inspected by the proper authorities!



I'm always going on about how choosing a baby nursery theme is the best and easiest way to put together your baby's nursery in a professional manner, and this is true. However, I want to clarify that themed decor is not just about a LOOK or a bunch of matching accessories,baby gear and baby crib bedding.

Nursery themes are about what we love, what we want to teach our babies about who we are and maybe what our dreams are for them. Sure, that's putting a lot of importance on a Spiderman or Curious George room theme, but think about it; did you choose those themes because you like the brown and yellow color scheme or the royal blue and red one? Or did you choose those themes because you love Marvel superheroes or remembered laughing with your mom or dad when you read Curious George books together?

A nursery theme is as much a feeling as it is a style of decorating.


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