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We've been hit with the new lists of most popular baby names by the dozens before the New Year's baby's diaper needs changing! The bad thing is the latest list of top baby names doesn't look much different to me than the list that we had for last year or the year before that! That's the problem with the list of top 100 baby names that comes out each and every year, how can 100 names possibly register everyone's favorite?

If we don't use that list of top 100 baby names, do we run the risk of having our babies ridiculed for being unique and different? Classic baby names will always be around and have some place of honor on some kind of list of baby names, but where do we draw the line between common, classic or traditional and uncommon, rare and maybe even a little weird?

Parents-to-be are always sifting through books filled with 1000s of popular baby names. The magazines at the checkout in the grocery stores with lists of popular baby names sell like hotcakes! Everyone hopes to find the most unique baby name or even the most unusual name for their child.

Every mom wants a unique and sweet sounding name that trips ever so lightly off the tongue with elegance and grace for a baby girl. Or one that has just the right touch of masculinity for a baby boy. Popular baby names should be studied and selected with thought and care!

Then there are the traditional parents who prefer a tried and true family name. These people are going to use that classic baby name that has been passed down through the generations. Chances are that this baby name has been used so many times that it will give future genealogists terrible migraines trying to sort out all the Williams, Johns and Edwards! And then there are those who prefer popular baby names that are often used as middle names. Preferably, a unique baby name that's never graced a hospital nursery arm band or birth certificate before. A baby name or combination of names that is so clever that when their child hits the big time and becomes an international icon or movie star, they will be all set!

The internet is a virtual generater of the most popular baby names. Searching for rare or cool baby names has become a popular pastime, those lists of top 100 baby names are everywhere! Every area of this country has their own special list of top 100 baby names now! Isn't that a hoot? There are lists of the most popular:

I have even heard that there is a famous List of the Top 100 Redneck baby names! Now there's something that might interest me! Give me the rare, off beat or goofy any day over a list of common names! Don't get me wrong, I'd never hang a weird or unusual baby name on an innocent child of mine. I just enjoy reading the weird names people name their kids! Baby names lists can make for some really interesting reading.

It's a common misconception that Southerners and rednecks are one and the same. Please allow me to lay this myth to rest. If you were to compile a list of the most popular baby names for the average southerner and then compared to the list of redneck baby names. I have my doubts that there would be many duplicates. Consider Miss Scarlet of the movie classic Gone with the Wind and Bocephus the idol of many a working-class redneck if you will.

Personally I would be more likely to choose from the list of classic Southern baby names. But which list would I be more likely to read if I came across it on the Internet? The most popular baby names used by rednecks, of course! Why? Because they are unusual, unfamiliar and they make me laugh! Is something that what I want for my own child? A cute baby name so that people will laugh? Absolutely not.

I suppose that's why the list of most popular baby names never gets old with new parents. A baby girl’s name or a baby boy’s name is something that's going to be with them forever. This is the name that will be put on her registration for preschool, her, job applications and her marriage license. Then to bring things full circle, this is the name that will go on her baby’s birth certificate. This is big stuff, it's important and I want to do it right. Whether it’s a rare name full of mystery or intrigue or a Biblical name full of meaning and history of character want the pronunciation to be clear, the spelling to be easy and the meaning of my baby’s name to be special and indicative of what I hope that she will become. Above all I want her to know that I did my best and studied all of those lists of most popular baby names until I thought I was going to scream, and that I did it out of love and respect for her.

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