Best Baby Christening Outfit Ideas for Baby Girls and Boys

Christening gowns were once the only choice of a christening outfit. The same baptism or christening gowns were used whether the ceremony was for a boy or a girl. Baby girls looked precious in soft lace and bonnets and baby boys were too little to protest the infant christening baptismal gowns they wore. The poor little boy was dressed and pictures or portraits were taken of him in the same clothes that his great grandmother might have worn at her christening.

I'm a huge fan of traditions. I certainly support the practice preserving baby clothes from special occasions in the baby's memory box. Baby heirlooms and antique baby items are full of family history to be treasured.

If your heart is set on traditional christening clothes, there's no doubt that you will be shopping for infant christening baptismal gowns or a christening gown for a baby boy or girl. Designer christening gowns for boys are actually called christening robes and are a slightly less decorated version of the baby christening clothing that you might get for a girl. Where a girl's infant christening baptismal gowns might have lace a baby boy's outfit might have piping. Subtle but important differences.

All that being said, I also think that modern baby christening clothes have their place. You can now tell the difference between christening clothes designed for a baby boy and christening clothes for a baby girl! Macho dads everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief that their boys won't be resentful that their parents allowed pictures of themselves to be made in a long christening gown or what amounts to a lacy, frilly dress!

Modern boy christening outfits will have some lace and embellishments, but a masculine christening outfit may come in the following styles:

  • Christening Rompers
  • Christening suits
  • Tuxedos

You can find a boy christening outfit such as a christening romper or short set in the same luxurious designer fabrics that christening clothes for girls come in. I've heard of parents hiring a seamstress to make their own personalized christening outfit out of fabric taken from their bridal gown. As average run of the mill christening clothes are white or candlelight ivory in color, the same shades as the satin in a bridal gown this works out nicely! There are just as many masculine christening sets made from satin as there are feminine christening sets. If you want something really affordable, check out some of the christening clothing made of polyester that have the look of satin.

Please inspect a poly outfit before you buy it to be sure that it doesn't look cheap! Some christening clothes made of synthetics look great in pictures, but not in person. Christening wear for boys can be kept as heirlooms and I'm not sure how well polyester would hold up over time, so that's another consideration when choosing the fabric of your baptism christening gowns.

When choosing christening wear for girls, the sky's the limit! You can run the gamut of laces, crystals and if the budget will hold up, pearls! Personalized bonnets, hankies and bows embroidered and smocked from top to bottom may accompany a christening gown that's been in the family of the lucky little girl for generations. If you are shopping for new christening clothes, white still seems to be the color of choice, but ivory silk christening outfits are available as well.

Stores that sell infant christening clothing will have caps to go with the christening robes and christening bonnets to match even vintage or antique baby girl's christening gowns. It's likely that a specialty store of this kind will also have a line of christening invitations. Baptism, christening, communion and other ceremonies of a special nature call for christening party goods, christening favors and gifts!

If you are thinking of getting a christening gown pattern and making your own christening outfit, be aware that some fabrics are easier to sew than others. Satin is not an easy fabric to sew under any circumstances and certainly not for a beginner. For that matter even a simple cotton christening gown would not be as easy sewing project because of the lace, pintucks and other decorations that are commonly found on a christening outfit.

If you have the perfect christening gown pattern and are determined to make your own infant christening clothing, here's an idea to make a new christening outfit look like a family heirloom! Choose ivory silk or satin fabric so that it will have more of a matte finish and not look so shiny and new. Go to a vintage clothing store and find an old bridal gown or other formal gown with buttons and lace that will work for infant clothing. Use these notions instead of modern ones so that your christening outfit will look older than it really is!

Disclaimer: The contents of this article and website are for informational purposes only and should not replace medical advice from a doctor or professional. You should always make your own choices on the advice of your chosen professional in matters concerning your baby's safety.

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