Baby Nursery Decor Luxury for a Baby Girl or Boy's Room

In the realm of baby nursery decor luxury is not only here to stay but is becoming more practical with the introduction of easy-care fabrics and low-maintenance furniture. Modern couples have an expectation of two babies or less. The reduced family size is having an unusual and yes, unexpected effect on the parents and their spending habits.

Designer Baby Bedding

Custom Baby Bedding

Contrary to tightening the purse strings, they are going all out on the finest nursery decor, baby gear and nursery furniture given the chances that this will be at most a celebration they will enjoy just twice in a lifetime!

Luxury Baby Nursery Decor Ideas

Couple that with the celebrity moms and dads strolling their newborn infants for the world to see setting the pace for creative if not expensive room designs.

Nurseries filled with the ultimate in decor are hot even in a poor economy. For the mom who is into Feng Shui there are designer crib linens and baby cribs in the high end price range as well as haute couture baby items to decorate the rest of the room.

Luxury pink and white custom baby bedding set with big bows

This lovely set is the height of luxury for a baby girl nursery but at a price that may surprise you!

Many mothers shopping for exotic accessories imported from the Middle East to create a global or European style. This bold and cutting edge nursery decorating style has all the best features of many cultures from Morocco to Madrid. I've seen luxurious crib linens printed with peacocks, golden Egyptian decorative motifs and all kinds of stuff that appears to have been taken directly from the ancient tombs of the Pharoahs found deep under the sands of the desert. All come with custom sewn baby bedding with matching upscale furnishings not necessarily designed to be included in the realm of interior design. Surprisingly, many of the modern nursery decorating trends are not venturing very far from the well-loved, classic nursery themes that have been favorites for many, many years. Ladybug nursery decor in all colors as well as, Winnie the Pooh nursery decor and jungle safari themes are still among the most popular on any list of favorites.

Traditional or classic nursery themes are still the mainstay but they are frequently given new looks especially in the high end of the price range. Classic motifs are being handwoven into patterns displayed in luxury cottons in exquisite, snow white luxury baby items.

For cool nights a luxurious crib set might include a cashmere baby blanket to keep baby safe and in blissful warmth and comfort. For that extra touch of class, there are matching cashmere baby booties and cashmere baby blankets embroidered with baby's name or monogram and date of birth. Thoughtful care is given to build a luxury baby nursery decor that speaks of sophistication and tasteful elegance.

Once upon a time, a few stuffed animals, some storage and a basic crib were the only items needed for baby's nursery decor. Any other nursery furniture besides the baby's crib could almost always trace its history to another bedroom in the home. There were no mega baby centers advertising wholesale prices or magazines displaying designer baby clothing until recent years.

Not to be outdone, discount stores are shooting out replicas of luxury baby furniture and bedding, the differences may not be obvious but to those with a trained eye and discerning tastes there are obvious tips that these copies are high quality. If you know what to watch for it's easy to see they are nowhere close to the expensive luxury baby nursery decor accessories. Before you pay an expensive price for luxury baby linens check for:

  • High thread counts
  • A fine hand to the fabrics
  • Handwoven and decorative stitching or embroidery
  • Sumptious natural, fluffy and possibly organic fibers

Decorative elements in luxury baby nursery decor may include:

  • Hand painted ceiling murals
  • Nursery chandeliers in a child's theme possibly with an ornate faux (or real)plaster ceiling medallion
  • A faux nursery painting technique or a custom wall mural
  • Luxurious Designer baby crib sets
  • Custom drapes and nursery window treatments
  • A one of a kind hand painted crib in solid hardwoods or iron or even a refurbished antique baby bed or antique baby cradles
  • A wool or other natural nursery theme area rug

The nursery furniture will often have been custom painted, monogrammed and personalized with the budding diva's name, birth information or motifs from the nursery theme. A master woodworker may have been contracted to build a custom baby crib from a set of plans drawn up according to the parents wishes. The furniture itself is constructed of exotic woods with hand painted ceramic or metal hardware with sophisticated European styling. Armoires, changing tables bookcases and chests are created in styles once deemed appropriate for formal rooms in the family's home.

Even the baby's crib has become collectible artwork. Wrought iron, bold design with even bolder colors (or even black) and almost always a canopy of some kind suspended from the wall or ceiling whether the baby nursery decor is for a baby boy or baby girl. A slight nod has been given to practicality, as most baby cribs now are convertible cribs. This means that once baby reaches the toddler stage the crib can be converted into a toddler bed.

Baby bedding can be custom made from color coordinated baby fabrics in rich colors and hip prints are found in every color of the rainbow and then some with a fabric count that is through the roof! Of course the Moses basket and portable crib must be out-fitted with matching linens, also.

I love the idea of interior design moving into baby nursery decor. However, I couldn't help but wonder how all this sumptuous baby nursery decor would affect the children that were not so lucky to have a movie star's pocketbook. I suppose as it's approached with the right attitude, it is all fine and it is all fun, AND after all decorating is for the parents' enjoyment anyway. The babies are oblivious to all the labels and could care less.

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