Would You Buy Designer Diaper Bag Knock Offs? How to Spot Fakes

The designer diaper bag is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and sought after baby care products. Celebrity moms are seen in photographs in Los Angeles, New York and on European sidewalks with their babies on board carrying the most gorgeous bags filled with their baby's essentials and everybody wants the exact style that their favorite star uses to tote their little one's stuff.

Adoring fans scramble to find out the brand and names of these (often very expensive) bags and strollers. The prices on authentic designer baby bags can be "out of sight" so the question is whether you would buy a designer look alike or knockoff?

When we are carrying stylish diaper bags, handbags or purses on our arms; we feel more confident. We just feel more "with it" than we would with just any old bag that would essentially do the same thing as an expensive diaper bag. However, cool, fashionable appearances come with an expensive price tag.

Would we get the same "rush" from a similar style with a cheaper price tag sans the designer label?

To be clear, designer diaper bag knockoffs are illegal and so un-cool. These are the ones that you may see sold on street corners that have copycat designer logos made from cheap materials. They are easy to spot, illegal and well, tacky.

Buyer Beware

There are some high quality manufacturers out there that take great pride in their work and even the distributors of the real thing have trouble spotting whether or not they are legitimate or not!

These imitations are crafted with buttery soft leather and all of the details and little extras that make them unique and worth blowing the budget for but they are still rip-offs of the real deal.

If you see a celebrity mom with a tote, backpack or diaper bag by a particular designer study that designer diaper bag and its details. Look for the designer's logo, tag and label and where on the diaper bag it's attached. Study the printed logo on the fabric. Make comparisons to the fabrics used in authentic designer bags. Some are easily discernible from the fabric used in the construction of a fake designer diaper bag. Some are almost identical to the real article which is why shopping with a reputable dealer is important.

Some designer bags' claim to fame is that they use natural materials. Their inspection process will rarely miss flawed leather or materials or less than perfect stitching. Often the zippers on a fake designer diaper bag are heavy duty and made to last and of course add to the sticker price.

I would be hesitant to pay even close to full retail pricing for what I believe to be a designer diaper bag from any vendor other than one that is very well known. Online auctions would be another area of caution and concern when shopping for a designer diaper bag. This is a case where you don't have an opportunity to go down the checklist, review or examine that bag and you could be very disappointed if you get anything less than the real thing.

Lookalikes are legal even if they are "copycats". The manufacturers of these handbags, purses or diaper bags have all kinds of handy little monikers to avoid calling them designer maternity bag fakes. As in any mass produced item, there are grades of quality. There is your premium or top grade and the Triple AAA grading. They are also known by several different names to avoid copyright infringement issues. There are:


With some of the cheap handbags or diaper bags, you get exactly what you pay for, low quality craftsmanship and less than desirable fabric and material.

The good news for moms at the time of this writing is that nearly all designer diaper bags are authentic. The copycats apparently don’t think the designer diaper bag niche is worth venturing into yet. Stay tuned, this season’s current line could be different. The modern mother is pumping large amounts of money into obtaining cool and contemporary baby gear and this will not go undetected for very long.

This is not all bad news! Why not add a few knockoffs to your purse and diaper bag stash just for variety? I have no problem with this so long as I don’t get ripped off by an unscrupulous seller trying to pass off a Coach knockoff as the real McCoy! Think about it, most mom’s baby gear budget can be tight. If you have seen a diaper bag that you really admire, is there harm in packing your baby’s nappies in a designer INSPIRED bag? As long as this bag's manufacturer is not attempting to pass this bag off as a designer diaper bag, certainly not! This just means the diaper bag is similar in design to the designer diaper bag and therefore cheaper.

Here’s an idea. Before you head out to purchase a knockoff or a designer inspired bag, I would go to the Coach Outlet and check the prices on an authentic Coach Diaper Bag or do an online search for a reputable wholesale source.

For parents who are not all wrapped up in logos, there are some absolutely gorgeous diaper bags that are cheap compared to the designers’ current seasonal offerings. Take a look at the Fleurville diaper bag or the even less expensive Kalencom! Hey, some of the diaper bags that Angelina Jolie and Diaper Dude Brad Pitt are rumored to use cost less than $100! And even at those discount prices, there are Kalencom look alikes and Fleurville look alikes or replicas as well!

Here's a list of designer brands that are commonly replicated (or FAKED):

  • Dior
  • Coach

  • Burberry
  • Gucci
  • Kate Spade Knockoff Diaper Bags
  • Replicas Louis Vuitton Diaper Bag or LV
  • Prada
  • Chanel
  • Hermes
  • Dooney
  • Brighton
  • Tods
  • Yves Saint Laurent or YVL
  • Fendi

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