Model-Worthy Baby Swimsuits and Swim Diapers that Keep the Poop Out of the Pool

Summer is upon us and the search for model-worthy baby swimsuits and beach wear is on. There is no sight quite as precious to a young mom as that of her babies toddling in the surf and playing in the sand with their buckets, shovels and pails. That being said, the challenges are to keep the experience blister free, safe and sanitary while still being cute as pie.

It will take lots of dog paddling and many practice sessions before most babies really learn to swim. In the meantime they will be happy showing off their trendy baby swimsuits, baby swim and beach gear and building sand castles in the sand. Of course you will want your little swimmer to have a colorful pair of baby swim floats, goggles and flippers so that they will be the cutest little swimmer at baby swim class!

Cute, Sun Protective Baby Swimsuits

baby girl boy swimsuit bathing suit swim suit infant polka dot ocean ring

I saw one little baby with a sarong over her bikini and then another with a Hawaiian hula skirt, adorable!

For little boys, pick an animal, any animal. It's very likely there is a swimsuit with your baby boy's favorite motif embroidered on it! You can probably find a matching beach towel, baby swim goggles, flippers, shades and other stuff to match.

baby swimsuits for baby girls and boys with whales

Go here to see more swimsuits that match for brothers and sisters.

Baby swimsuits with whales and clothes with beach clothes with ducks, fish, zoo or jungle animals, frogs, lizards, alligators, whales and crabs can be found for your little lady or fellow online and in the stores.

Another popular item in baby swim gear is the "My Pool Pal" infant baby boys reusable swim diaper in black although there is a danger of the chemicals in a pool bleaching black swimming suits for girls or boys.

For your little baby girl there are ruffles, ribbons, hand-smocking and froo froo galore available in baby swimsuits this season. It will be hard to choose from all the precious shades and trims in bold colors: cotton candy pinks, lime greens,lemon yellows, tropical ocean blues, vivid watermelons, and ruby reds in plaids,stripes,florals and even polka dots! Tanks and little boy legs are the hip new baby style, and many are adorned with ruffled skirts. Elaborate detailing is evident with embellishments that even a big girl will love! Whether you are swimming with your baby on the beach in Aruba or just having a float in the little ducky pool in the back yard, looking good is not going to be a problem!

Don't forget the sun factor! Cute is one thing and sun protection another! Always be aware of how long baby's tender skin is exposed to the sun's rays and take as many cabana breaks as necessary especially during the middle of the day. Consider using an infant sun protection suit. A beach chair with an umbrella is not going to do the job.

See our tips for taking baby to the beach safely!

Baby sun protection is serious business. Many of the new baby swimsuits come with built-in sun protective features. We can never have too much help in protecting baby from a nasty burn and infant sun protection suits may be part of the answer to baby sun protection issues.

I've always pondered on how much abuse that most sunscreens can take in the way of chlorinated water and the like and still do the job it's supposed to do! If you have a fair complexion or just plain worried about the accumulated damage from time in the sun and want to be totally sunsafe, these infant sun protection suits or swimsuits that protect baby from the sun may be worth a try. They are a little bit bigger than traditional swimwear, but some moms say the trade-off is worth the extra fabric.

As with every enjoyable activity, there are cautions to take. Special care must be taken with babies too young to be potty-trained not to contaminate the water while swimming. Fear of spreading bacteria or disease has moved many swimming pools to require the use of either disposable or reusable baby swimming diapers. As the pool must be evacuated for a certain period of time if there's a report of baby poop gone awry, this seems a reasonable request. The process is that the offending waste must be removed and time allowed for the chlorine in the pool to have an opportunity to kill bacteria. The good news is that a properly maintained pool will kill bacteria that cause RWIs in about an hour. The bad news is that there are some really hard to kill germs that can live for days even in a pool with proper chlorinating.

Never fear, baby beach gear is available to help. There are disposable leakproof swim diapers that help to stop bacteria from being released into the pool. There are reusable diapers available for the same approximate price of a pack of 10 or so of the disposables.

Personally, I like the idea of the disposables. Baby's swimsuit can be changed several times during any given swimming session, toss the diaper in the trash and be back in the water. No need to carry anything home from the beach or pool to wash.

The pool we go to has a bathroom break on regular intervals to encourage kids to head to the bathrooms. I use this as a reminder to change baby's swimsuit. Baby swimsuits, trunks for boys and one-piece tanks for girls, come with built in swim diapers. The built in diapers are made of a terry cloth fabric. These are precious little baby beach wear items, but how well do they do the job of keeping baby's bathroom duties from floating into the pool?

Upon reading the information about the baby beach wear and swim diapers, the statements are very carefully worded to say that these baby swimsuits HELP to prevent leakage. Well, now that's more like it. Think about it, for any baby swimsuit to be able to make a complete no leakage claim the baby's swimsuit would have to fit around their little legs like a tourniquet!

The answer? There is no baby swimsuit that is completely leak-free, the baby swimmer diapers help, but if there's water going in baby's diaper, there's always a possibility that when the water goes back into the pool it may have some urine in it. The best we can hope for is for the baby's swimsuit to catch any poop. It's also a good idea for moms and dads to practice good pool or beach etiquette and change baby's swimsuit a few times as a courtesy to others. Unique Baby Gear Ideas

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