NEW Gucci Diaper Bags for Baby Bring Style to the Changing Area

Gucci diaper bags are more than just a way to tote your baby's necessities; they are a fashion statement. One mom I know that had had an especially difficult pregnancy was so tickled to get a gift certificate to cover the purchase price at her shower told me that she chanted "I'm gonna get a Gucci, I'm gonna get a Gucci" all the way to the mall! If you ever wondered why ladies were willing to pay the price for designer diaper bags; now you know.

Before my life was scheduled around episodes of baby spit up and poop, I had lots of time to organize my outfits and match my designer purses to my shoes depending on the activities of each day. Now I consider it an accomplishment to find an outfit to throw on that's actually been run through the wash on my way out the door. There are times when I feel that if it weren't for my Gucci baby bags I would never feel stylish and attractive.

Authentic designer Gucci baby diaper changing bags look amazing on any stroller

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All the more reason to have QUALITY baby accessories on hand. It's a sad fact but when you have designer baby stuff people pay less attention to whether or not it's splattered with baby formula. Plus, Gucci diaper bags stand out. Gucci bags of any kind diaper or not are unequaled in cool factor. Check out how many of the celebrity moms choose baby Gucci diaper bags.

Authentic designer Gucci baby diaper changing bag bottle holder and baby carrier in pink for baby girls
Gucci baby diaper bag, bottle holder and baby carrier in pink for a baby girl.

There are other designer diaper bags to choose from that are fabulous and modern and if you can afford a wardrobe of expensive diaper bags good for you and I highly recommend some of them to alternate with your Gucci baby tote bags. Coach diaper bags are my second favorite and I'm not alone many other mothers rate Coach diaper bags highly in lots of diaper bag reviews. In fact many mothers overlook the Gucci Signature diaper bags in favor of Coach diaper bags. The reason for this may be the expensive price tag of Gucci baby bags.

Authentic Signature Gucci baby diaper bag

Authentic Gucci diaper bags are not cheap but there are some ways around the expensive prize tag if you are savvy and most modern moms are savvy. Then again there are the Kate Spade maternity bags that look so cool with the Kate Spade stroller And of course there are Louis Vuitton diaper bags that are comparable in price to Gucci bags.

As with any expensive designer item the resale value should be considered. Unless you have one baby after another you probably will not wear your Gucci diaper bags out especially if you are able to afford several designer diaper bags. When baby's diaper days are done if you have taken good care of your Gucci diaper bags you will be amazed at how much of what you paid for your authentic Gucci bag you will be able to recoup.

Gucci baby changing bag diaper

Gucci design is cutting edge and therefore stays in style for long periods of time. This is good news for both the buyer and seller of used Gucci diaper bags. Mom can enjoy the use of authentic Gucci diaper bags for several seasons if not years!

Buyer Beware Cheap Gucci Baby Diaper Bags
Shoppers should always be suspicious of an unusually cheap Gucci baby changing bag. Gucci knockoffs, replicas or fakes are everywhere. I have nothing agains Gucci inspired bags, just sellers of fakes trying to pass off low quality items as the real thing right down to signature (looking) fabric, hardware and the signature, Gucci logo.

I have never seen a knock-off that comes close to the style of authentic Gucci diaper bags and baby carriers but fakers are getting better at manufacturing counterfeits all the time.

What you should know is that Gucci fakes can actually be more expensive than real Gucci diaper bags in that they have absolutely no resale value where real used Gucci baby diaper bags (so long as they are in good used condition) a very respectable price returning a large percentage of your investment.

Please make plans to visit us often to find more information on Gucci Diaper Bags as well as other popular designer diaper bags and feel free to browse other areas of Unique Baby Gear Ideas to find nursery ideas and a cute stroller that will look amazing with the latest Gucci baby bags!


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