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To own the latest Coach diaper bag is to be assured that your baby's diapers are being carried in style. You see, the very name, Coach, stands for quality in purses, shoes and accessories as well as baby bags. When the many fans of this iconic designer brand make the switch from handbags to diaper bags it's only natural that they would expect the same craftsmanship and style they have enjoyed from the brand's other products pre-maternity.

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Fashionistas are well aware that baby bags won't be a permanent fixture in their wardrobe and that the need for extra storage is temporary. But this doesn't stop moms from spending a few extra dollars to keep up their image and maintain a stylish appearance throughout the early days of motherhood.


How does a mom who must stick to a budget when buying baby items find it possible to enjoy the pleasure of an authentic Coach diaper bag? There are several ways to get that designer baby bag without paying full price.

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LIGHTLY USED COACH BABY BAGS The best way to get cheap, authentic Coach diaper bags is find one that's lightly used. Moms with good taste generally take excellent care of their designer bags and upgrade often.

Where can you get used Coach diaper bags that look brand new for an affordable price?

  • Haunt the popular consignment stores in high end neighborhoods.
  • Cruise the garage sales in exclusive subdivisions. It stands to reason that used baby stuff in the posh part of town will be more stylish than from the less trendy locations.
  • Everybody knows about the excellent shopping opportunities on Ebay so I won't bore you with details. However, you should learn how to spot cheap, fake designer bag before jumping into the world of online designer fashion auctions. There are replicas being passed off as the real thing; used and new alike

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The idea of used baby stuff might not appeal to you. I understand, you have a limited amount of money to spend, but want an authentic Coach diaper bag.

Here are some suggestions on how to find and buy discount designer diaper bags at the very best prices:

  • Make regular trips to the Coach factory outlet store or shop the Coach outlet stores online. You might not find that trendy handbag or diaper bag in the latest colors, but you may find something in basic black or brown for winter or fall or white that will carry you through spring and summer
  • Plan ahead and shop the end of season closeout sales at the mall
  • Regardless of what you pay, take good care of your Coach bag to preserve its resale value. Chances are that you can recoup much of the original sale price which in many cases translates into picking up Coach handbags at less than wholesale

For the mom who likes a different look every day, Coach knockoffs are a great way to fill out your wardrobe for an inexpensive price. I don't have a problem with designer inspired diaper bags or handbags so long as they don't have counterfeit logos, fabrics or tags and aren't misrepresented.

The Coach Logo hangtag is a classy touch that's visible on all their handbags. I wouldn't consider buying a used Coach diaper bag that didn't have this tag of authenticity. THE REVIEWS

With fresh, bright colors this Coach Diaper bag can be considered unisex. I still associate pastel colors with girls. If you do and prefer a more masculine bag, there is a black satin Coach baby bag that is slick and sophisticated enough for an evening out on the town! The Scribble tote is cute enough for girls, but it isn't frilly so can be used for a baby boy.

The pockets on the Coach Diaper Bag are impressive and almost to the point of being excessive to a "throw it all in" kind of mom such as myself.

The front has 2 pockets (one with a magnetic closure) and a long zipper pocket. There are pockets on each end that are big enough to slide your hand inside. I like to stick baby bottles in those so when she gets fussy, I don't have to unzip the main part of the bag to let her have a drink.

There is a long slit pocket on the backside with a zipper. It's kind of tight. Anything you put in there has to be kind of flat or it will cause some stress. It's just not made to hold something large like a doll or teddy bear.

You see that the diaper bag has pretty much the same setup on the inside as it did on the outside. There are 4 elastic pockets presumably for holding bottles very snugly to avoid leaks. I'm not sure if they hold snugly enough to hold the bottles in when baby flips the diaper bag upside down, we have not completed that test yet. As I mentioned earlier, I like to keep one bottle outside although the temperature would be a little more stable inside the bag

The Coach Signature diaper bags come with a changing pad that fits in one of the long pockets on the inside or you could keep it in one of the long outside pockets. Anything I can keep within grabbing distance without having to unzip the main compartment, I sock it right in the Coach diaper bag!

There is a zip pocket on the inside of the diaper bag and an open one.

There's a cellphone pocket inside, too. That's DEFINITELY not an item that I would want to have to fight a zipper to find, but the concept is nice and the thought appreciated.

The strap on the Coach diaper bag is 61 inches long and is able to handle any amount of weight that you can load in the bag.

There is a nice little ring you can hang a baby toy, a few of the cute charms that they sell to go on all of the Coach diaper bags or any other accessory that has a ring clip. I'm sure they also thought we might use it to hold our keys but I don't ever seem to use it for that purpose. Maybe I will some day. May God Bless my good intentions!

The Coach Diaper Bag whose name is actually the COACH HAMPTONS WEEKEND SCRIBBLE BABY BAG, is made of a cotton fabric with leather and suede accents. Like all the Coach diaper bags, it's a well made quality item.

While I seem the tiniest bit cynical about some of the features on this Coach diaper bag, there is actually quite a bit to love about it! It's just that nearly all Coach baby bags and other designer bags seem to be designed for a person who has a lot more time to organize than I seem to have at the moment. Actually, the only real drawback I saw with this particular Coach diaper bag is the fabric of the interior. I suppose the people at Coach didn't want to put cheap looking plastic anywhere in one of their Coach diaper bags, but I'm not sure how this will clean after the inevitable leak or accident.

Coach also sells other items in the Scribble line. There's a matching wallet and a pouch that's sized to be a small handbag or maybe a cosmetic case to match the Coach Scribble Diaper Bag collection.

This is a Coach diaper bag that will lift your spirits with spring color and make you feel stylish by simply carrying it!

If you have a Coach baby bag that you love, I hope that you will use the form that we have provided for our visitors to review baby gear, diaper bags and to share baby nursery decorating ideas.


Do you have a favorite Coach diaper bag? Do have a coupon code or know about a sale! Tell us about it!


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