Best Baby Nursery Theme Sticker Ideas

Wallies, nursery theme stickers and decals can create an eye-catching nursery wall. And we have lots of ideas for decorating with wallies to share with you!

With a few oversized nursery wallies or a large group of small kids wallies and stickers you can create an eye catching nursery wall with very little effort that can grow right along with your baby through his toddler years!

If you get tired of your bedroom design and the nursery theme stickers that you picked to go with it, give the room an update. You will be amazed at how cheap a mini-makeover is to perform. Most modern vinyl stickers are dry strippable and rearranging or swapping them out is easy.

Do you have some leftover wallpaper or pieces of border? Make wallpaper cut outs of primary motifs for use as your nursery theme stickers. Arrange them in groups on the nursery walls.

Most kids wallies come in sheets in a common theme with lots of trendy stickies to choose from. If you have a decorating idea and a particular theme in mind, chances are that there is a large, removable nursery theme sticker collection with decals to make your baby room wall look fantastic.

One you have chosen your baby's theme, choose your nursery theme stickers to enhance it. There are decorative stickers and wallpaper cutouts for most any themed room that you can imagine! Here are some ideas for decorating with wallies:

Get a sheet or two of cut-outs or nursery theme stickers and place them strategically on your baby's nursery furniture or shower some glowing "light up in the dark" stars and planets across a blue painted ceiling to make the night sky in your jungle. No need to be conservative with wallies or a nursery theme sticker arrangement on the ceiling. What better way for kids to learn about our solar system than starting them off early with nursery theme stickers? Think of how nice it will be for your child to lie in bed and drift off thinking of the Milky Way.

Use letters on one of the nursery walls to personalize it with your baby's name or a favorite quote from a nursery rhyme. Use whole words to phrase a saying that you're fond of.

Go for polka dots with various colors and sizes of circles. With a little embellishment, they can be made to look like bubbles or balloons floating in the air! Make your own nursery theme stickers with sheets of vinyl that you can cut into whatever shapes you choose!

Once you have the baby wall art in place, you can use your leftover cut outs to decorate your baby's memory book or scrapbook. Take pictures of how the pictures decorated the nursery wall and place them on a special page! If baby's big sister or brother is a Wiggles fan get the Wiggles stickers and decorate a small area of the nursery wall with them just for fun!

Get a calendar with pictures of the Brazilian rain forest or an African Jungle for a Jungle Nursery Theme and let your little baby boy or girl put life sized animal nursery theme stickers where they think they should be in the forest.

Put special milestone stickers with cute baby themes on the calendar to mark baby's first birthday. Baby's first years will fly by and we moms are so very busy that we can use reminders from time to time.

Most people start scrapbooking right away and it's really nice to have a scrapbook for baby to decorate as well. Of course baby's first handwriting efforts are not great, but with a helping hand from mom toddlers will enjoy putting some vinyl nursery theme stickers or decals on a window. Tell them later what a fine decorating job they did!

There are really cool giant animal nursery theme stickers and murals available. Use tiny beetles or ladybugs that you can allow to settle on the leaves of the bushes and trees of your nursery theme wall mural that you painted yourself!

Make your own custom wall mural mixing some free baby stencils and nursery painting techniques with nursery theme stickers. No arts and crafts talent really necessary!

Create a personalized growth chart dated and decorated with nursery theme stickers!

Use labels for organization of storage bins. A place for everything and everything in its place!

There are books of paper stickers, but I would recommend the super sized vinyl stickers and decals as you can use them over and over for the many children's projects you will have for school, church and for rainy day fun!

There's no reason to restrict your use of wallies and stickers to the walls. Place a few bird, butterfly or bug wallies on the windows to entertain your baby when it's raining outside.

Mother Goose and other nursery rhyme favorites such as Humpty Dumpty dress a nursery wall nicely. Winnie the Pooh is another classic storybook available in sticker form.

To get more ideas for baby's room, check out our latest, modern baby nursery themes.

Please make plans to visit us again soon to find the latest in wall decals and baby nursery ideas with tips on how to decorate furniture and walls with stickers.

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