Easy Jungle Mural Ideas for the Baby's Nursery and Kids Room Wall

These pictures share some of the best jungle mural ideas for a baby's nursery or the walls of kids' rooms. The examples are created using a variety of methods. There are murals designed using decals and stickers, stencils, wallpaper and some are done the old-fashioned way, with a paint brush and paint.

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Once you have the background painted, use jungle wall stickers, decals or wallpaper cutouts backgrounds to jazz it up with your favorite wild animals and birds. There are life size stickers of colorful tropical birds and monkeys that look like they just dropped in from the rainforest. Baby boys and girls will love their tropical dream room that you designed especially with them in mind.

Jungle animal nursery wall mural with clouds and a momma and baby giraffe.


Baby nursery room wall mural design with Nojo Jungle Babies wall decals and painted clouds
Nojo Jungle Babies Wall Mural
Large baby jungle animals nursery wall decals for murals
Murals with Large Jungle Animal Decals

Parents often ask where to start painting and where they can look to get some designs to use. I always tell them that once they start to look that jungle Mural ideas are all over the place. Coffee table books are filled with beautiful color pictures taken by people on safari in the jungles of Africa in the tropical Amazon Rainforest. You probably won't have to look very far for jungle mural inspiration. For instance, I've seen some very cute jungle scenes in kids' coloring books.

A picture taken from a coloring book may have just the tribal feel that you want for your mural.

Check out our gallery of pictures of fully decorated jungle backgrounds and rainforest themed rooms to get some excellent decorating ideas for your jungle nursery decorating project. These large rain forest motifs for babys room will take care of the jungle decor on the baby room walls and they are SO EASY! to use!

Here's the best place to find jungle wall decals for the playroom, den, kids rooms or wherever you need them! Create whole jungle backgrounds, scenes to compliment your existing decor. They are reusable, and easy to apply and remove. The decals are all high-quality vinyl and they offer a huge selection. These large jungle wall stickers, decals and wallies cover a lot of area quickly and it's so simple to accessorize a rain forest wall mural.

You can find any kind of jungle backgrounds, jungle wall stickers and nursery wallpaper border that you could ever need! Get tropical birds, reptiles and other endangered species for your rainforest!

Paint your own jungle backgrounds and use jungle wall stickers to fill out the scenery. An amateur might be able to paint jungle trees, grass or skies but the wild jungle animals may be a bit out of reach. No problem! Get wild animal wall stickers, decals or wallpaper cut outs and use them in your jungle mural!

You can get an idea of the basic layout for cool jungle backgrounds for your African safari room pictures taken from coloring pages in your kids coloring book, a favorite jungle story book or framed jungle art prints.

Your local library will have volumes of information on the rainforest , the Amazon Jungle and all the animals that live there.

Encyclopedias will have some color photos alongside the facts and information on monkeys, zebras, giraffes parrots and various snakes and predators of the jungle region. Don't be intimidated by the pictures of the animals in their natural habitat. If your artistic abilities are limited, don't attempt to paint the entire animal. After all foliage is very thick in the jungle and it's rare that you see all of an animal. Well, at least we don't have to in our African Jungle Mural.

Use some life size stencils or some giant animal decals to populate your jungle. I have seen some elephants and zebra stickers used in murals with outstanding results.

Use some fabric cutouts and apply them using starch to your wall for easy artwork removal later. There are pre-printed fabric panels that you can buy and then cut out the animals to use on your jungle mural themed wall.

Begin your jungle mural by painting from the top to the bottom. Cover your nursery ceiling with a cloud mural. Working your way down the nursery walls with contrasting jungle backgrounds, you can then paint the grass of the savannah on the bottom third of the wall.

The grass and trees of this jungle mural will be painted with golds, dark greens and deep wooden browns. Your jungle background should be layered so that it has depth. Think of how the rainforest looks when you're actually standing in it, it's not flat. Start your jungle backgrounds by putting the farthest thing you would actually see on the walls first and building forward.

If you don't want to paint all of the wild jungle animals yourself, buy some plush or stuffed toy animals and position against your painted jungle backgrounds.

Get some curtains and baby crib linens with animal prints, framed wild animal art for the unpainted walls, mosquito netting for a custom crib canopy. Combined with all of your other tastefully chosen articles of jungle nursery decor your jungle mural will shine!

Now, stand back and admire your wild animal habitat wall and enjoy teaching your baby the wonders of the natural world with your do it yourself jungle mural! Check out the rest of our creative, tropical baby nursery themes for more baby nursery ideas and interesting ways to decorate your children's rooms.


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