Baby Nursery Theme Painting Technique Ideas

With a few baby nursery theme painting techniques, nursery wall painting can be so easy and you can still create a do it yourself masterpiece just like on the picture gallery websites. While there is nothing at all wrong with calling it a job well done after a fresh application of flat, eggshell or semi-gloss latex paint. Why not paint a wonderful custom background for your nursery decor. Painting kids rooms can be a world of fun! Gather your pictures or photographs of what you like and let's get started!

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How to Paint Polka Dots on the Walls

Baby Boy Nursery with Wall Stripes
Jump in a DIY wall mural painting project that will make your baby’s nursery picture perfect, one of a kind and unique. Paint a nursery wall mural or ceiling nightscape like the ones in pictures of celebrity mom's nursery themes. There are really cool patterns, stencils and designs that you can use to make your nursery walls unique! Painting a nursery is one of the most easy and fun ways to put those nursery decorating ideas to good use!

Pink and Green Wall Paint in Stripes for a Baby Girl Nursery
Pink and Green French Nursery for a Baby Girl

Paint stripes on the bottom third of the nursery wall and paint a solid color on the upper two thirds of the nursery wall or stripe the entire wall! A great way to pick out two complimentary color values from your baby’s crib bedding and build your baby nursery theme painting technique from other colors and textured items already used in your baby's nursery theme!

Here are a few basic decorative baby nursery theme painting tips and ideas for your consideration.

Pink and brown polka dot nursery walls painted with polka dots
Pink and Brown Baby Girl Nursery Walls Painted with Polka Dots and Stripes
One of the cutest baby nurseries I've seen lately was painted just like a kitchen that I saw in a home decorating magazine! One accent wall was painted rose pink with then painted with off white POLKA DOTS! They dotted the walls with painted polka dots in big, small and medium sizes arranged randomly over the pink nursery wall. The dots looked like bubbles blowing in the wind and gave the room a light and airy feel. There are many nursery paint scheme with colors that would work, but one that I would love to try is using a terra cotta paint color as a background and antique white polka dots. In a baby boy's nursery, shade of blue with polka dots painted in white would be very nice.

Paint your ceiling as a blue sky with fluffy white clouds with an easy faux technique. Our instructions are detailed to the letter and are really easy to follow.

Our Baby Boy's Angelic Nursery Ceiling
Baby Boy Angel Nursery with Clouds Painted on the Ceiling

The blue skies and clouds mural will create the look and feel of an airy fresh spring day in this baby nursery theme painting technique. It goes with most any nursery theme, wall hangings or wall mural that you might want.

These nursery painting ideas will work for a baby boy or a girl nursery and will save you money!


Wallpaper for an entire room would be expensive and you are limited to certain colors and patterns that everyone is choosing from. Wallpapering is also labor and equipment intensive (saw horse or two and paste etc.) and a certain level of skill must be in place. A baby nursery theme painting technique is quick, inexpensive and easy to change any time you tire of your baby’s bedding, window treatments and other nursery accessories. Painting stripes on your wall will create visual illusions of height and space in your baby’s nursery. Employ verticals for added height and paint horizontal stripes for an illusion of more space. For an interesting look, some uneven stripes or stripes of varied widths.

Awash with Color
Create an effect of floating values of color using a color wash technique with values ranging from a soft and fanciful look of light through water to a bolder statement that probably would not be desirable for this baby nursery theme painting technique that will be featured in a baby’s nursery theme.

Using appropriate colors this is an excellent painting technique for a nursery wall with a less than perfect surface than you would like for other interior wall painting techniques or ideas. The ebb and flow of paint tones are perfect for improving the appearance of an uneven wall. Accent the positive and eliminate the negative with this super easy baby nursery theme painting technique. What a wonderful way to get the very best paint colors for your baby's nursery under difficult painting circumstances.

Sponge it On!
This is a low cost painting idea that gives quick results. No glazes necessary. Glazing has its place, but my motto is the less materials to purchase the better! Choose two similarly valued tones of color and you will have a lovely subtle baby nursery theme painting technique beyond compare! A perfect nursery theme paint job as when your rough and tumble baby boy scuffs the paint in a spot or two, touchup is a breeze. Keep some extra paint and materials around for sponging over mishaps. You can use whatever sheen you desire from flat to a high gloss finish. For our purposes in painting a nursery wall, eggshell would be the best choice.

Lacquer Attack
Ok, I had to throw at least one challenging technique in here. This would look absolutely stunning with an exotic Moroccan, Jungle or Asian Baby Nursery Theme! While not exactly a baby nursery theme painting technique, this method can transform a simple piece of wooden flea market furniture into an heirloom keepsake for your baby’s room. If you tire of the dramatic effect in baby’s nursery you can always give it another life in your own bedroom. This can be accomplished using paint kits available online in black and red colors. Combine this technique with some silver or gold gilding on some cheap flea market furniture finds and you’ll have some of the most exotic nursery pieces around!

Let’s Glow Baby!
Create a glow in the dark nightscape for the ceiling in your nursery. What is more tranquil than gazing up at the starry night sky? While this is one of my favorites, the nursery would need adequate natural daytime lighting to keep the nursery from visually closing in. This technique can be done by using the glow in the dark paints that are currently on the market. Stencil, draw or hand-make the major constellations and patterns of stars on your darkly painted ceiling. Your baby will have the names of constellations memorized before he or she goes off to preschool. There are kits available with all the necessary materials and even an adjustable projection device to make this an easy not to mention cool nursery painting technique. This nursery painting will work from nursery rhyme days to an interest in space travel and spaceships! When your baby is older, paint the solar system, the earth and moon into your night sky. Teach the names and characteristics of the planets instead of or in addition to a bedtime story!

There are a number of other painting techniques you may want to try after you have a little nursery wall painting experience. These would include adding visual texture to the walls by ragging, stippling, pouncing or dragging. All have their place in home decorating, but may require some practice and more time than a mother of a newborn wants to sacrifice.

A new mom may have trouble finding the time to study and complete nursery decor projects using even the most simple of the baby nursery painting techniques. In that case, you can go about decorating a solid color wall by using nursery stencils paint a border on the walls instead of hanging a wallpaper border. Instead of buying individual stencils, you can often find nursery mural kits with everything you need.

Here are a few other baby nursery theme painting techniques that you may want to try. The home supply stores are always having do-it-yourself workshops and seminars to teach the following:

  • Combing
  • Combining Paints for Special Effects
  • The Use of Various Textures
  • Uses for Chalkboard Paints
  • Magnetic Paints
  • Dry Brushed Walls
  • Ragging
  • Sponge Painting
  • Stippling

Always take precautions to keep baby safe and away from any paints, materials or fumes.

The most popular and cheap way of decorating a nursery is with paint. Painting a nursery is not only cheap but you get so much for your money! If you are a decorative painter and can follow instructions, a baby nursery theme painting technique is the way to go! You will really be able to keep the process cheap and still get a modern nursery design that your friends will envy.

You can mix and match many nursery themes! A tropical beach theme and jungle theme are very close in design. Get the feel of lounging on the island beach with the jungle scene laid out as a background. Hang a few stuffed plush monkeys on your painted coconut trees with adhesive hooks and a crochet loop. Throw in a sisal nursery rug, beach towels and your nursery theme is nothing short of fabulous! Painting the nursery with colors found in nature will create a very relaxing color scheme. Add some texture or scenery with one of our baby nursery theme painting technique suggestions.

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Maybe get some old Gilligan's Island movies for the girls to watch for inspiration.

You really don’t need many supplies to begin painting a nursery, a large sheet of plastic and a brush. You can do it! Choosing just one of your stashed nursery decorating ideas or baby nursery theme painting technique is the most difficult part. There are so many ideas for painting a nursery that it's very hard to include them all on one page, so please visit our nursery pictures gallery to see examples of nursery painting techniques shared by our visitors.

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