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The answer to your prayers may be one of the wonderful baby carriers available to long suffering and loving moms and dads with back and shoulder pain. There's no better way to be active and keep an eye on your newborn infant than to find a carrier for baby that is comfortable and "right" for your body type. Since you will be wearing your baby sling or carrier, a good fit is important and you may have to try a few on for size to see which one works best for you.

Find the Best, Safest Carrier for Baby available.

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There are so many brands! How do we know which baby carrier is best?
The best choice is obviously the most comfortable carrier for you and/or dad that is also comfortable and safe for your baby. You can start to figure out which newborn carrier is best for you by reading reviews written by experienced baby wearing moms and dads. Baby carrier reviews will introduce you to the attractive features of each brand. Baby wearers are a helpful group and will often state their height, weight or body type to help others decide whether or not the carrier they are reviewing might be a good candidate for them.

However, I would be careful not to skip over a model that gets high ratings for important features like padding and quality construction just because the reviewer says she is average size and you are not. High end carriers for babies like Baby Bjorn Baby Carriers and Ergo Baby Carriers are incredibly easy to adjust for a good fit!

Is it hard to learn how to use a baby carrier?
If you have a newborn you will start with a baby sling carrier. After your baby is able to support his or her head, you will graduate to a front carrier or a back pack baby carrier.

To learn how to use a baby sling or a baby carrier safely you might watch video demonstrations or ask a baby wearing friend to teach you. If you have bought a baby sling or carrier, carefully read the instructions and practice using a baby sized teddy bear. Practice taking the baby in and out until it's second nature.

There are many kinds of carriers available. The only work involved is making the decision between them.

Here are a few of the more popular baby carriers:

  • carriers for hiking (backpack or Ergo - good choice for dads)
  • backpack baby carriers (another good one for daddy)
  • hip carriers (good for older kids and your aching back)
  • maya wrap carriers (a standard favorite)
  • mei tai carriers (stylish & gorgeous)
  • the NEW Native Carrier (an improvement over the old?)
  • the over the shoulder baby carrier (highly rated favorite)
  • the moby wrap (a widely held favorite)
  • the maya wrap (another favorite among veterans)

It's a lot to take in a one time but wearing your baby is such a wonderful sharing and learning opportunity for you and your newborn that it's worth every minute.

We have always known that the more time a child spends being held by their parents the less they cry. The knowledge that you are there makes for a more secure environment. Surprisingly, this does not create a spoiled or dependant child!

While they are indeed very attached to you the security and trust that is gained enables them to become independent at an earlier age.

How much laundry can you sort with a fussy baby with colic crying in the next room? Pop Little Sweetheart in a sling carrier and chances are the crying will stop and you can get ALL your housework done! Still got a fussy baby? For other tips and suggestions on how to deal with colic refer to Babies Online's Colic Help Section Information.

You will find that you can do many of your housework with your baby right there with you but you should eductate yourself as to the activities that are not recommended when baby is on board.

Think of how this will expand your baby's world! The extra visuals gained from sling travel are great for brain development.

Babywearing makes for easier: Travelling experiences with baby Camping and sharing nature with baby Hiking the trails with baby on board Shopping Hands Free with baby

Your hands will be free! Your baby will be happy and developing mentally at an increased rate!

Oh! Don't leave daddy out! Put a sling in a manly print on your list of Baby Gear for Dad! Is dad a hunter? Baby gear in camouflage print may be just the thing.

Any time Daddy's involved it's A WIN WIN situation!

If you own a sewing machine you may want to make your own baby carrier using this free baby sling pattern!

One of the most unique baby shower gifts you can give is one that you make and personalize yourself!

I hope that you find wearing your baby as rewarding as I have and that you will check out our and baby carrier reviews before you leave!

Disclaimer: The contents of this article and website are for informational purposes only and should not replace medical advice from a doctor or professional. You should always make your own choices on the advice of your chosen professional in matters concerning your baby's safety.

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