New Native Baby Carrier in 100% Organic Cotton

I knew I wanted a New Native Baby Carrier the minute that I read about the company that makes them. New Native has a platform of building good foundations for kids and their families as a whole. They also seem to be in sync with my desires to preserve the environment for the kids.

I’m not the only one to notice all the good stuff they promote right up there with their fabulously cool baby slings; New Native has developed quite a following of celebrity moms!

So, it was off to the store to try a New Native baby sling. Well, at least I was until I hit several of the baby stores and realized there was not a seller of New Native baby slings in my town. After I went online I found that there wasn’t a New Native retailer within 100 miles. As a believer in soft organic cotton fabrics being used whenever possible for babies and an advocate of attachment parenting through baby wearing I pushed forward in my quest for the New Native Baby Carrier made with 100% Organic Cotton.

To the untrained eye, the unpadded style baby sling just looks like fabric left over from a weekend sewing project. How can such an ingenious device appear so simple and unassuming and yet be such a contribution to childcare? I suppose the answer would lie in the fact that the baby sling carriers that the New Native Baby Carrier was based on have been used for just about as long as woven cloth has been available. Simple was pretty much a mother’s only choice.

We have finally come around to the idea that a simple baby sling is a BETTER choice! And baby slings are one of the few items of baby gear that I truly can't imagine doing without! And did I mention how CHEAP they are? They are always putting new and modern baby stuff on the market that is so colorful and cool, but I have yet to buy any gear that is nearly as helpful as my baby slings!

While a baby backpack carrier has to have lots of adjustable straps for a good fit, the New Native Baby Carrier is a one-piece does all, no moving parts item. It is unpadded which means easy to cram into a crowded baby diaper bag. The New Native baby sling has no buckles, rings or metals of any kind to deal with. Some moms prefer a ring style baby sling or an infant wrap that they make themselves, but it is just a matter of personal preference. Try them both and see which is your favorite before you buy.

The New Native Baby Carrier allows eight different carrying positions.

The Cradle Carry Back or Side Cradle Carry The Kangaroo Carry The Hip Carry The Hip Carry with the Pouch Remaining Folded The Back Carry The Inward Facing Carry The Carrying Twins Carry

Enough? Yes there is a slight learning curve with the New Native baby sling, but with a little practice you’ll learn to be a professional baby wearer. You'll have the traditional art of baby wearing down in no time flat!

THE BASICS The New Native baby sling goes over one shoulder and the hip on the opposite side of your body. How basic is that? It’s not quite as simple when you have a squirmy baby to put inside the sling, but it will all become second nature with time.

THE FABRICS The 100% Organic Cotton New Native Baby Carrier is offered in seven colors. If you live in a warm sunny climate I would advise against four of the seven fabrics. Four of the colors are just too dark for hot weather use in my opinion.

The 100% regular Cotton baby carrier comes in seven other colors, this time five and maybe six are what I would consider winter only colors! I’ve got to see where these people live, because in the south we could never use black year round.

They offer some baby carriers at a discount in discontinued fabrics. There are several more appealing colors in the discontinued items than in the current products! I want to hear the reasoning here? Are they trying to mask stains with the dark colors? Do not worry about this, the New Native Baby Carrier washes like a dream.

SIZING This is one area where the New Native Baby Carrier really shines. People come in all sizes of course. Why on earth do most soft baby carrier manufacturers make one size fits all products? A petite lady or plus-size lady would really have no choice but to sew her own baby carrier to get anything close to a good fit! They do charge a fee for plus sizes over 2XL. They will supply extra small sizes and carriers up to size 5XL upon request.

Proper fit equals comfort. In order for the baby carrier to do its job in the best possible way, the baby’s weight must be properly distributed over your body. Even if you order the New Native Baby Carrier online, there’s a very good chance this carrier will be one of your favorites due to the detailed measurements they ask that you supply.

With a good fit and practice the New Native Baby Carrier will get you on the way to comfortable happy baby wearing in no time.

To learn more about the New Native Baby Carrier and other brands please visit our main baby carrier information page.

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Disclaimer: The contents of this article and website are for informational purposes only and should not replace medical advice from a doctor or professional. You should always make your own choices on the advice of your chosen professional in matters concerning your baby's safety.

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