Morph Baby Carrier Review

by Jan

Morph Baby Carrier w Harness, Pod and Sheepskin Liner.  A great baby carrier for dads and moms.

Morph Baby Carrier w Harness, Pod and Sheepskin Liner. A great baby carrier for dads and moms.

As you heard in the Morph Baby Carrier video that I made for the Morph baby carrier review, one reason new parents tend to shy away from taking advantage of using a baby carrier is that they don’t feel confident using one.

They either feel that they won’t be able to get their babies in and out of the carrier and wear them safely or that the gear will be too uncomfortable.

Morph Baby Carrier Review

morph harness and pod baby carrier for moms and dads

The designer of this system obviously had this issue in mind when they came up with idea for a two-piece carrier rather than a one-piece carrier. Most carriers require that the parent have the carrier completely in place before baby is on board. The Morph baby carrier lets the parent slip baby into the harness first.

The harness feels sturdy and safe thick, padded belts and quality connectors. The padded cushion on the lower back gives the wearer additional lower back support. I haven’t experienced muscle strain in this area, so I can’t say whether or not this helps with discomfort. I would like to get opinions from moms who suffer with back pain to add that information to my Morph baby carrier review. It’s always helpful to know whether or not a particular carrier might be good for moms and dads that suffer with back problems. Another positive is that you can adjust the shoulder straps to position the baby higher on your body which is recommended for those who need to reduce the stress on the lower back.

morph baby carrier best for dads
The harness is very adjustable but you can order a size Small/ Medium or a Medium/ Large. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall and weigh 135 pounds and the size S/M fit me fine after adjusting the shoulder straps and the waist strap. My husband and I can wear the same harness but if dad was bigger, we would have had to have had another harness in a size Large for him. Even if you can fit in the same size, having two harnesses might be so that the two of you could more easily share wearing the baby by passing the pod back and forth without having to remove the harness and adjust the straps every time. You can keep the extra in your baby’s diaper bag.

Even with one harness between you, it’s easy to make the switch from mom to dad without waking the baby up. This is one of the reasons that this system gets such a high rating in this review. I like that you don’t have to remove the baby from the pod every time dad pitches in to help which is much less disturbing if she happens to be sleeping.

After you get the harness on and have the straps adjusted, you are ready but first you have to put the baby in the pod.
The best way to do this is to
  1. Open the pod up; spread it out on a soft surface almost like you would a changing pad.
  2. Lay the baby on top and use the snaps to snuggle it around your baby kinds of like putting on an outfit or a diaper.
  3. Snap the snaps and adjust it for a comfortable fit.
  4. Decide whether you will be carrying in a front or rear facing position.
  5. Pick baby up and latch the pod onto your harness in the position of your choice.
  6. After you have pod secured around the baby you can then adjust the head support by either folding it down and out of the way for front facing or adjusting it to provide the best support for your baby’s head for rear facing.

The weight limitations of the Morph ranges from a birth weight of 7.7lbs all the way up to 26.4 pounds so the adjustable head support cushion comes in very handy for carrying little ones who aren’t able to support their heads just yet.

THE BOTTOM LINE of This Baby Carrier Review
When I signed on for the Morph baby carrier review I didn’t fully appreciate the significance of the separate harness and pod. After trying it out:
  • I see how this setup makes baby wearing for beginners much easier for less experienced parents and less intimidating than one-piece carriers.
  • I like that the harness of the baby carrier is adjustable and safe with a 5 point system so that both my husband and I can use it since he prefers to carry the baby much lower on his body than I do.
  • I like how easy diaper changes are with the pod.
  • I learned that the pod makes it easy to change the baby’s diaper and transfer a sleeping baby from carrier to crib without waking.

If you would like to learn more and read the specs regarding this innovative baby gear, please visit the official Morph Baby Carrier webpage.

The opinions on Unique Baby Gear Ideas regarding the performance of the Morph harness and pod carrier system are my own and were not influenced by the company in any way.

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Love My Morph
by: LiLi

I am pretty sure that many new parents who are having a hard time managing their daily household duties with a fussy baby will find this carrier to be very useful. It is very comfortable for the baby and the adult. I have been using mine since my daughter was 7 months old and wanted to be held all of the time and trust me it is very helpful.

by: Anonymous

I would love 2 have one

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