Which is the Best Baby Carrier for Newborns

New moms ask me this question all the time, "Which is the best baby carrier". When they see me hesitate, they generally drill things down a little bit by indicating that they want to know what is the best baby carrier for newborns, the best back carry or ask if I can tell them which is the top-rated carrier preferred by breastfeeding mothers.

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The thing is that there is NO right answer to this question, there are so many different styles and sizes with features that suit so many different people that it would be virtually impossible to tell someone that they would or would not enjoy wearing their baby in any particular one. It all depends on the height and body type of the mom and the child and as we are well aware; people come in all shapes and sizes.

With that in mind, here's some (general) information that will get you started on your question to find which baby carrier is best for YOU!

Which is the Best Baby Carrier for a Newborn
Personally, I love the feel of stretch wraps for newborns and my girls second that opinion. There is a learning curve for this kind of carrier but I used this type for all of my girls during the infant stage. Brands that you might want to try would be the Moby Wrap or Sleepy Wrap.

My favorite of the two is the Moby because you have a choice of several wearing positions, it's the most adjustable carrier and it does a great job of distributing the baby's weight across my back and shoulders. The only drawback with this carrier may be a geographical one; I live in the deep south and the layers of fabric on top of my clothes gets pretty hot. That aside, if you will take the time to practice and master the wrap, I believe that you will love them just like I do.

If you prefer a "one-time" investment, you might consider buying an Ergo Baby Carrier and using the infant insert during the first few months.

What is the Best Baby Carrier for Back Support
To get the best support, people with back problems may have to explore baby carriers designed for hiking. The drawback of using carriers that are meant to be worn for long periods of time is that the baby gear is often larger and more bulky than other carriers, not to mention more expensive. However, those issues are insignificant to a person with back pain who has their heart set on taking advantage of the benefits of wearing their baby.

One of the products that stands out in baby carriers for hiking that have good back and shoulder support would be the Chico Smart Support Backpack.

Reviews of this carrier are above average giving it high ratings because it is reasonably affordable for a back carrier, lightweight and because the seat is adjustable. It also comes with a protective weather shield just in case you actually use it to take baby hiking.

The only negative comments are that the chest strap fits too high on some wearers' bodies and that it has a 40 pound weight limit.

As far as which is the best baby carrier for actual hiking, that's another review.

If you would like to share your opinions on what should be the best rated baby carrier, please jump right in and use the form provided for that purpose on this page. It would be very helpful if in your comments of which is the best baby carrier if you would include your height, body type and the age of your baby so that moms can make comparisons.

Which is the Best Baby Carrier

Take a moment to share your experiences with the Action baby carrier.


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