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I encourage all moms to share their Baby Bjorn Active Carrier reviews by using the form that you will find below my own Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier review. I received a Baby Bjorn Active organic carrier for my personal use so that I could share my experiences with other moms who might be considering this brand. This did not in any way sway my opinions in this review.


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I received my Baby Bjorn Active carrier from the company a couple of months ago. Another brand was ahead of them in line for a review and giveaway so the delay gave me a generous amount of time to familiarize myself with all of the important features and characteristics of the gear.

As a mom who has spent a lot of time wearing babies, there are quite a few carriers that I like but there are certain features that stand out in each one. When you read my opinions, please take into consideration that your experience may vary because build and lifestyle of the wearer will play an important part as to which baby carrier is best for you. Here are the features that I especially appreciate in the Baby Bjorn Active carrier.

  1. MY BABY GIRL GIVES IT A HIGH RATING: If a carrier or sling is comfortable, my daughter is asleep within minutes and this one gets a 5 star rating for creating an optimal sleep environment for my little lady.

  2. BACK SUPPORT: If you are a mom with back problems, you might want to give the Baby Bjorn Active carrier a whirl. I have read Baby Bjorn Active carrier reviews written by moms with herniated disks that say this product helped them tremendously. I don't have disk problems, but my back does tend to get tired after several hours of carrying my little chunky monkey. I have noticed that this carrier extends the time that I can comfortably be on my feet with baby on board. I attribute some of this to the fact that the carrier keeps my daughter "riding high" and keeps stress off certain muscles in my back and my experience was similar to opinions found in other Baby Bjorn Active carrier reviews.

  3. DADDY FRIENDLY: My husband considers some of my carriers to be too girly but he really likes the sporty look of this one and has no trouble adjusting it to fit him.

  4. VALUE: I have seen some comments in Baby Bjorn Active carrier reviews that complain about the cost. Yes, it costs a little more than some carriers but it’s easy to see why. I don’t mind paying a little more when the benefits are obvious.

DRAWBACKS: As far as I’m concerned the only negative I can mention about this carrier is shared with practically every carrier on the market and that is that when the weather warms up I perspire under the belt and straps. This may not be a problem with you but I live in a very hot climate.

THE BOTTOM LINE The bottom line is that my findings were similar to the positive Baby Bjorn Active Carrier reviews I had read on other baby websites. It is a great carrier with features that busy moms and dads will appreciate. If color is important to you as it is with many parents, I would be amazed if you couldn't find one that you like in their broad range of colors available. As far as comfort and usefulness of the product, I believe that you will enjoy owning and using this item.

Experienced moms may want to skip this paragraph and go straight to the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier page since they are confident that this known manufacturer provides a safe and comfortable product. But just in case a new mommy stops by to enter the baby carrier giveaway, I will share a few details regarding the company's history.

The Baby Bjorn company has devoted the better part of 50 years to manufacturing and producing excellent baby gear that is safe, comfortable and beneficial to modern parents in the everyday care of their babies. Their research effectively identifies problem areas in childcare and works to solve them so that those precious early years are as pleasant and carefree as a piece of baby equipment can make them. They strive to keep their products as affordable as possible without sacrificing their core values upon which their stellar reputation is based, safety, durability and style. One of the most recent of their innovative product line is the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier that I was given to review.

Please return to Unique Baby Gear Ideas to find ideas for decorating the nursery and to read more Baby Bjorn Active Carrier reviews that will help you to know for sure which of the Baby Bjorn baby carriers is best for you.


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