Baby Princess Theme Nursery Decorating Ideas and Decor

The talented parents that visit us have some pretty pink princess theme nursery ideas as well as some tips on decorations that you can make yourself for your baby girl's room. Imagine growing up in a nursery surrounded by a mural featuring a fairy castle in the clouds just like the ones in the storybooks where a little girl can wear Disney princess costume and crown every day if it tickles her fancy.

Princess Nursery Wall Ideas

Every baby girl deserves to be treated like royalty and to have fond memories of her special room.

Finding the perfect princess crown and a pretty set of princess crib bedding is crucial, so let's get started!

Ideas for Princess Themes and More

Pink and white princess nursery decorated with a crib crown and elegant crystal chandelier

Pink and White Princess Baby Nursery

The crown over her crib was the first for the baby girl that occupies this pretty room.

The roses that embellish the crib crown add a feminine, romantic atmosphere and a touch of sage green to the soft pink and cream color scheme.

Go here to see more items that can be used to decorate princess nurseries in a pink and white color scheme.

Baby Girl pink and gray baby girl rococo princess nursery theme
Pink and Gray Princess Nursery Theme

Neutral shades of gray or brown may be added for balance.

Princess Theme Nursery Ideas

Use the colors that are included in the fabric of your crib set as your guide. Taking your decorating cues from the fabric's color and pattern will help you to make important decisions such as what color to paint the nursery walls and what your accent colors should be.

Baby girl pink and white changing table area with a princess castle mural on the nursery wall

Princess Nursery

A princess castle nursery mural complete with colorful, hot air balloons painted by a loving grandmother is the focal point of the room. The colors included in the painting are the perfect background for baby's changing area.

There are inexpensive, less time consuming options for decorating the walls, as well.

Custom baby girl princess nursery wall art saying designed by Jan Bay webmaster of Unique Baby Gear Ideas
Princess Nursery Wall Decorations

You might design your own princess nursery wall art featuring your favorite saying or quote and frame it yourself.


Princess Baby Bed

Princess Wall Decorations

Princess Wallpaper


Do you have a great set of baby bedding or a picture of a nursery that you decorated? Share it!


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Let's take a look at some princess house pictures and get some ideas for creating a baby girl's medieval nursery theme. First order of business is to find the perfect little princess crown crib bedding set for our baby girl’s Camelot.

  • What color is best for our medieval nursery wall?
  • What colors should I use for accents?
  • Should I focus on a particular motif? If so, which one?
  • Where can I find the Disney Princess Bedding for sale?

So, now you see the importance of choosing your cribset wisely. Here’s an example of what you might look for in your princess theme bedding. A pretty patchwork set of pink medieval crib bedding set with yellow gold crowns appliqued with jewel tone accents that will set a royal mood for your decorating project.

Some fashionable motifs and decorations commonly used in princess nursery themes are:

  • Luxurious carriages in lavender with fancy gilt wheels and trim and the Monarch’s crest emblazoned boldly on the door
  • Pictures of a storybook castle with the princess’flag displayed proudly from the top of one of the towers
  • Glass slippers ala Cinderella
  • Princess Rocking Chair or Royal Hot Pink Princess Chair
  • Disney Princess Castle Mini Wall Mural and Wall Stickers
  • Princess Wall Art with Matching Mirrors

There are so many mythical princesses that we could pattern our themed room after! There’s:

  • Ariel
  • Cinderella
  • Rapunzel
  • Princess Leah of Star Wars fame
  • Snow White

Ok, Rapunzel and Snow White may not have been princesses, but they are famous and of the Medieval period. At least I think so and they were hanging around in their castle towers waiting on their prince to come and rescue them. If you wish you can approach the princess theme from the fairy princess angle and create a fairy princess theme room! A set of fairy princess theme bedding would be less about the princess’s castle and her knight in armor and will take more of a fairy garden slant on the decorations.

You might want to try painting a castle mural on the nursery wall. This would be fabulous to use as an extra in nursery design ideas for your princess wall decor and you can use it to decorate a young girl’s bedroom, too! Once you take the time to paint a castle in the clouds, you will want to get some decorating mileage out of it! If you aren’t that keen on painting a medieval scene yourself, check out some wall decals or wallies or even a nursery mural kit! Get a crown or castle shaped nursery rug! These handy little decorative items will fill out your princess theme from floor to ceiling! Throw in some hearts and flowers and you’ve got your foundation for the perfect princess theme room!

Medieval nursery themes are not just for a princess, they will work for a baby boy’s room as well! You will not want pink as the dominant color in your medieval baby bedding set for your kingdom, but a less elaborate crown or even a knights helmet with a make believe family crest would be so cool! Focus a little more on knights in armor, the horses they ride for the royal joust, a few dragons and a wizard with a long robe, pointed hat and a magic wand and you’ve got a prince themed room for your baby boy! Whether you are creating a princess theme room or a room fit for a prince, there’s enough fantasy to go around!

Please make plans to visit Unique Baby Gear Ideas again soon to see more princess baby bedding sets and nursery ideas that you can use to design a pretty room for your tiny princess.

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