FREE Baby Hat and Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern With Instructions

This is a vintage baby sweater knitting pattern that was adapted from an anonymously written Book of Wool Knitting and Crochet circa 1918. Some of the instructions may have an outdated or "antique" style of wording, but the basics are sound and the steps are detailed enough even for a beginner to knit successfully.

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Baby Sweater Knitting Pattern Instructions.

Proceed to cast on 52 stitches and knit 60 rows or 30 ribs;

You will the cast on 26 stitches for the sleeve, knit back and cast on 26 stitches for the remaining sleeve.

Knit 34 rows and then knit 43 stitches.

Bind off 18 stitches for the neck, knit remaining forty three (43) stitches, and on these continue with the front.

Knit 6 rows and then continue knitting back and forth, adding a stitch at the end of each row toward the front for twenty two (22) rows, which will give eleven (11) extra stitches; knit 6 rows without widening, then bind off twenty six (26) stitches, and knit remainder of front to correspond with the back of the baby sweater knitting pattern.

Knit the other front using the same instructions. Sew up the sleeves as well as the underarm seams working around the neck with double crochet, in color, 1 chain between, and around the body of the jacket with shells of three trebles in a stitch, miss space of two ribs; repeat.

With the gray make 2 trebles, picot of 3 chain caught in last treble and 1 treble around neck, and between 1st and 2d trebles of shell stitches around the body of jacket. Finish the edge of the sleeves in the same way, and run in cord and balls.

Knit Instructions for the Baby Hood.--Cast on sixty four (64) stitches, knit twenty eight (28) ribs, then work 2 ribs of color and 2 ribs of gray. Bind off and sew up the back of hood where cast on.

Finish around the neck with double crochets with a space of 2 chain between, using color, work the shells around the front of hood, and finish with the shells of gray same as for the baby sweater knitting pattern. Run in the cord, with balls using the two colors of yarn.

The cords can be done in plain crochet, the ordinary chain or however you prefer because stronger, knotted by what is called the "Fool's Delight" method. Why this method was named thus, it is impossible to say as it seems a very sensible way: Measure a length of yarn six times as long as the desired length of the cord; make a slip knot (half knot) at one end and pass the other end down through it to form a loop. You will then tie the ends of the yarn together.

Pinch this knot between your thumb and forefinger of your right hand with the yarn which pulls through the knot under the same hand, and the loop which was formed held on your forefinger.

Hold the yarn that doesn’t pull in your left hand. Pass the forefinger of the left hand through the loop on right forefinger from front to back. Catch the yarn up and pull it through the non-pulling or left-hand thread the same as you would do to make a chain-stitch in crochet--transfer the knot that ties the two ends together to the thumb and forefinger of your left hand, keeping the loop over your forefinger, and draw up the pulling yarn.

Now the position of the loop, pulling yarn and knot is exactly the same in the left hand as it was previously in the right. Carry on by passing the forefinger of right hand through the loop, catching up the non-pulling thread and drawing it through to form the new loop (on right hand again), transfer the knot and pull up.

What you will have is a sort of double chain. When you have learned to make it evenly and well, you will find it to be excellent for bags, lingerie, and many other projects that may require a drawstring or cord.

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