Bertini Simo Twin Carriage Stroller 906T Review

This stroller review covers the pros and cons of the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller. This stroller for twins is the Bertini 906T. For those wanting quick and easy stroller reviews the pros and cons of this twin carriage stroller are simple. I have even fixed the review to list the major cons first! You would expect any twin stroller to be bigger, twice as big as single strollers and with this baby you won't be disappointed. Just be aware that this stroller is big.

It's so big, that I can't really recommend it unless you own a roomy SUV or minivan. This is not one of the major cons, but there are no cup holders. Please don't consider the price to be expensive till you read all the pros, ok? Another con is that you may not be able to find the Bertini 906T in stock at any price, but if you do expect to pay around $585.00 and you may be able to get free shipping if the stroller is on sale.

It's pushing it to get into the storage area of one of the smaller SUVs, so before you buy the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller make sure you have a roomy place to carry it. Another con is that it's not the easiest twin stroller that I've ever had to break down, but bear with me and don't discount the merits of the Bertini 906T because the pros make this twin stroller highly rated in my stroller reviews and ratingsBertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller as one of the best baby gear purchases that they made for their twin babies. Most began to use the Bertini 906T with the boot and the seat backed down until it worked like a bassinet. Once the twins are older, you can lessen the degree of recline so that they can sit high have a nice view and enjoy the walk. The large sun canopy is fabulous rain or shine as it will give the babies adequate sun protection as well as keep the rain. In fact the canopy does such a fine job that the rain cover was a Bertini stroller accessory that we didn't have to use!

The Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller is an excellent stroller for handling and pushes easily as well. The 906T has adjustable handles so that it fits taller parents as well as those who are shorter which makes it comfortable for the long haul. If you can't adjust the height of the handles to fit, your shoulders and back will really wear out over the course of a day.

Taking twins shopping in the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller was fabulous since double buggies or twin bassinets in shopping carts for infants or newborns are rare (if any are manufactured at all!). The roomy storage area under the twins Bertini could carry most all of my purchases and still have room for my favorite diaper bag! You can navigate the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller easily through most any doors or aisles of stores. This stroller has so many more features than an umbrella or tandem style stroller that make it worth dealing with the heavy weight and large size or the few cons that I've put in the Bertini stroller review. I get lots of compliments when daddy and I sport the twins through the neighborhood and lots of requests for information on where to buy a Bertini!

I had one twin umbrella stroller and two single lightweight umbrella strollers, but didn't use them very much because the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller one of the best strollers for twins that I've seen. The only time I might use one of the umbrellas over the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller would be if I was taking baby camping or going out in a small car with less storage room. If you are looking for an inexpensive or cheap priced stroller, consider that with the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller that it's likely you won't have to have multiple strollers for your kids! That makes the price for the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller not so expensive! Certainly not as high as the Bugaboo stroller line.

The Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller doesn't break down easily. It's not that easy to fold, but I just open the back hatch or side door to the van and wheel it right in! This makes for a very quick and easy exit from the vehicle so I don't mind that at all! The only place that I have ever had problems with the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller was with the fit in strange cars.

I think that you could use the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller almost exclusively until your kids reach the age of three thereabouts as the weight limit is seventy pounds. We are pushing the limit at two and a half and I will regret the loss of my safe and stylish Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller. It will be hard to adjust to a new stroller because I've become so attached to my Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller and will miss it once it's gone! From the information that I get the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller has a high resale price which is another huge plus for getting the Bertini Simo Twin Carriage stroller.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article and website are for informational purposes only and should not replace medical advice from a doctor or professional. You should always make your own choices on the advice of your chosen professional in matters concerning your baby's safety.

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