Best Modern Baby Sun Protection Methods

Every summer there are new baby sun protection products that we can add to our arsenal of sun damage deterrents. As we all know, the sooner we begin a regimen of doing everything we can to block those harmful UVA and UVB rays. But it goes against my better judgement to cover my babies with lotions and creams filled with chemicals and would not so long as there are organic sun blocking creams available.

Stroller Sun Shade So what other options are out there besides sunscreens for our kids? To put it simply, we can block the rays of the sun the old fashioned way. Baby sun protective clothing has never been so colorful and cute! Babies can dress in cool surfer dude outfits with UPF 50+ baby sun protection from head to toe!

Sun wary parents are buying the stores out of baby sun hats, bonnets and sun blocking caps that look like part of a beekeeper’s suit! Nobody’s kidding about baby gear for the sun any more. This means coverage from head to toe with flap style baby UV blocking sun hats, zip suits and rompers in hot pink, navy and lime green. A cotton beach towel or baby blanket sun protective or not was once the only way moms had of keeping baby from a bad blister, but no more!

kelty baby backpack sun infant shade rain protection baby sun protection beach dome family size
boys baby gap khaki sun protection hat
baby girls gymboree cherry cherries sun protection hat

What about baby sun gear for the parts of the body left uncovered by these cool outfits? I suppose these small parts of baby’s body left exposed will still need the very best and safest sunscreen for baby that we can buy until something new comes along. With modern technology and the advances in sun protection science moving at a rapid pace, stay tune for more unique ways to keep babies from getting sunburn.

Remember all those pictures of bathing beauties in bloomers and sporty sun hats from early in the last century? Oh, how we laughed at their modesty but they had the right ideas in sun protection for baby and for themselves! Protecting baby from the sun is serious business and as long as parents are looking for unique and different ways to keep baby from getting a nasty sunburn, it’s BIG business!

Along with sun blocking beachwear and cool baby sun hats there’s baby sun protection baby gear for strollers! Sun shades for baby strollers are yet another way to devise a multi-pronged defense against those pesky harmful sunbeams looking to blister our baby’s delicate skin! Equip your baby stroller with a sun parasol and baby with a pair of UV blocking pair of sunglasses along with sun blocking beachwear and sunscreen and you’re up to speed in the world of modern baby gear for the sun.

Infant sun protection is best approached in layers and here are some suggestions that you may want to consider:

  • Apply baby safe sunscreen to all exposed skin. Chemical free and fragrance free sunscreen that’s water-resistant in a sensitive or special baby sun protection formula is what I use.
  • Dress baby in one of the UPF 50+ baby sun protection swimsuits or cotton rompers
  • Plop one baby sun hat on baby’s head and spare baby sun hats in the beach bag in case we lose one
  • Strap on a pair of soft baby UV blocking sunglasses
  • Clip on the baby stroller sun parasol for the trip across the sand
  • Unpack the portable baby sun dome or baby cabana to use at nap time

All this may seem like overkill and you have to use your own judgment as to what’s the appropriate baby sun protection routine to follow for each occasion. On warm days you have to keep an eye on baby to make sure that the sun blocking baby clothes don’t put your baby in danger of over heating. If the day is too warm to wear a baby sun protection swimsuit or baby romper, we play inside.

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