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New moms might wonder why buying a stroller sun shade to completely cover the baby is necessary. Would it not be simpler and easier to pop a hat and a pair of sunglasses on baby rather than to buy a separate shade for a stroller?

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I certainly understand why anyone would question the need to buy yet another piece of baby gear especially since most strollers (except the most basic umbrella strollers) generally come already equipped with a retractable shade. The issue here is whether or not the cover that is attached actually gets the job done.

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And speaking of jobs, it's our job as parents to protect our babies from excessive sun exposure and stroller sun shades are just a very small part of a comprehensive plan that may not only protect your child's skin from a nasty burn but that may prevent your baby from developing skin cancer later in life.

Here are some reasons that a good sun shade for a stroller is worth the hassle AND the very cheap price.

  • Stroller shades can protect against 98% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays which is very impressive

  • Many shades are made of breathable mesh fabric that ensures adequate air circulation. This feature is very important to prevent the temptation to peel the canopy back so that baby can benefit from breezes on hot days.

  • The best stroller sun shades are designed so that you don’t have to remove the shade to fold and load the stroller in the car. And even if you DO need to take it off most are very easy to untie so that you can quickly make the switch from umbrella to jogger or just remove it altogether.

Baby sun protection is best accomplished with a multi-pronged approach and even if you are able to get your baby to wear baby sun hat and a pair of shades for any length of time (not very good odds of this happening in my experience)they will not, alone, prevent a nasty sunburn.

If you have a favorite stroller sun shade, please take a moment to share the brand and your opinions. And when your done, I hope that you will browse our site to get some ideas for decorating the baby's nursery.

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