How to Choose the Best Jogging Strollers

Should we buy budget priced jogging strollers or pay the price for an expensive model that is said in reviews to be the gold standard of the industry? These are questions that every mom-to-be that is interested in remaining physically fit through her pregnancy and beyond asks.

The frustrating thing is that reviews can be helpful but are often inconclusive.

There are loads of lower priced copycat strollers available that all look really good. Should you save yourself some cash and run out and get one? Maybe. Maybe not.

Just like in knock offs in the clothing lines there are differences. You may be able to get a cheap double stroller at the discount store that will suit your running style but it's up to you to decide whether it works for you.

chicco jogging stroller

Go here to see more reviews on various types of joggers that will help you make the perfect selection.

What you should look for in your stroller depends on

  • Where you be using the stroller
  • the specs of your child, age, height, weight
  • Do you plan to walk,run or jog?
Let's see what your normal use of a baby stroller would be and that will help us know where to start shopping!

Choosing the Best Jogging Strollers

MOM #1

This lady is going to put the oil companies out of business! She enjoys walking everywhere! Slow and steady as she goes. She stops to smell the roses along the lovely new sidewalk in her neighborhood. She and baby will walk to play-dates and the park at a slow and steady pace.Some days she ditches the stroller completely for and uses one of her many baby carriers.

Recommendation: This mom is primarily a walker and not a jogger. Even so, as a regular walker the jogging stroller will have a ride that she and her baby will appreciate. A model with the smaller 12 inch wheels and a swivel front wheel will be the best bet for this level of use. As bumps and speed are not in the equasion, I suggest she try the Instep Safari and the Kolcraft Jeep Liberty which are some of the more budget minded models at a lowest guaranteed price. You can find these jogging strollers at many online stores with free shipping.

MOM #2

Before becoming a mom she used to alternate her trips to aerobics and the gym. With baby a consideration, she finds a nice jog works in place of aerobics and gives her a chance to share nature with baby on nice days. On days when the weather is not as nice she stays in the neighborhood on the sidewalks.

RECOMMENDATION: Cruising off the beaten path will bump up the need for a smoother ride that a larger wheel will bring. If she plans to stay at a jog and not a full run, a 16 inch wheel will work on pavement and moderately bumpy terrain. The Kelty Jogging stroller called the Joyrider would be a highly rated choice for this mom. The Schwinn Jogging double stroller might be worth a look as well.

MOM #3

This lady could hardly wait till her ob and the baby's ped gave her the ok to begin training after the baby came! A top of the line world class double jogging stroller at the baby shower would have been a most appreciated gift. Hang on baby! The more rugged the terrain the better!

Recommendation: The larger the wheel the better. Shop for a wheel composition that will be less likely to rust. Get a stroller with the best shocks and suspension that you can afford. There are several jogging strollers at the top of the ratings for these features. Two of which would be the BOB IronMan and the BOB Sport Utility Stroller.

MOM #4

This mom plays tennis for exercise. She could care less about running like a hamster on a wheel. The majority of her baby strolling will be done in the mall or the nice park where the sidewalks are nice and smooth. Do you honestly think she would take her baby out in the forest where there's DIRT? Well, I doubt she'd be making that scene, for sure! But, she DOES adore the cool look of the jogging stroller and everybody else on her block has one.

RECOMMENDATION: First of all, I would try to convince this urban mommy to reconsider her desire to keep in sync with her neighbors. She will not find a jogging stroller as easy to get in and out of the SUV at the mall as other standard jobs. They are heavier and just not as easily fit into the cargo area as an umbrella or standard. If her heart's just set on a jogger that will cruise her through the malls, I would suggest shopping for a stroller with a super light aluminum frame with smaller rear wheels and a swivel front wheel. As this mommy strives to impress I would direct her toward the stoller of the stars, a Bugaboo.

We welcome your personal reviews and tips on how to how to choose the best strollers to take baby jogging with you and hope that you will remember us when you need Unique Baby Gear and Nursery Ideas.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article and website are for informational purposes only and should not replace medical advice from a doctor or professional. You should always make your own choices on the advice of your chosen professional in matters concerning your baby's safety.

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