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Double umbrella strollers may be the best friend of a mom with twins or two children that are close in age. Traditional double strollers have lots of bells and whistles that are attractive and appealing. But once you add up all the added ounces and pounds that fancy features and accessories add to the equation, what you are left with is anything BUT a lightweight double stroller.

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If lots of storage, toys and lots of suspension are important to you, shopping for the best twin strollers may be a waste of your time. However, if you are searching for the best, safest lightweight stroller for traveling with twins I highly recommend taking the time to learn the pros and cons of double strollers and find the answer to the question, "Where can I find the best lightweight strollers for a cheap price."

Pink lightweight double umbrella baby stroller by Lmntree

Double Umbrella Strollers

Moms say that this baby stroller is a good choice as a travel stroller since it can be gatechecked since the airlines have established new guidelines limiting stroller weight to 20 pounds or less.

Strollers over the 20 lb. weight limit must be checked with luggage.

The problem with this is that damage to your stroller is normally not covered if it's not packed in the original shipping box. This new rule makes flying with many double strollers a nightmare!

Lightweight twin double Dream On Me umbrella baby stroller

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Most of the cheap double umbrella strollers are used as a "mall stroller" and for travel. They have a reputation for not handling well on uneven sidewalks or rough terrain.

The positives are that they fold into a nice and compact package and that they are not as heavy as traditional strollers.

Double Umbrella Strollers or Traditional
Parents ask me all the time whether they will need to buy more than one stroller. I can’t answer that question for them, but I can help them figure it out for themselves. For instance, why on earth would a family need a jogging stroller if they aren’t joggers. If you are a jogger with twins, you will undoubtedly have need of a stroller manufactured with that purpose in mind. On the other hand, if you never stroll your babies any faster than to go for a brisk walk on a sidewalk, chances are you may be able to make it just fine for a long time with one of the high quality twin baby strollers on the market today.

lightweight double umbrella stroller lightweight double umbrella stroller joovy 2 lightweight double umbrella stroller joovy 2 lime green


Double Umbrella Stroller Features
The way that these strollers maintain their lightweight status is by keeping the extra stuff to a bare minimum. Twin umbrella strollers at one time were little more than a simple frame, fabric seats and swivel wheels. As time passed consumers expressed a need for more storage and optional sun canopies but for the most part, the basic designs have remained stable. If you want lots of extra stuff, be ready to bite the bullet, buy a standard stroller and deal with the backache.

How to Find the Right Double Umbrella Stroller for You
For modern mom, finding the best doesn’t start or end by strapping the twins or triplets into one popular brand of stroller after the other to find the best fit. These hip, savvy moms know to start their research (read: search and destroy) mission by reading stroller reviews. In this case, they would search for consumer reviews for double baby strollers. Double stroller reviews, like single, triplet, jogger and other stroller opinions, are updated on a regular basis because models are constantly being updated.

Are Double Umbrella Strollers Expensive
Nothing seems really cheap anymore and twin strollers are a super example of this. For what you get for your money; one might even be tempted to say they are downright expensive. After all, they are little more than a couple of metal poles, a cloth seat and some plastic wheels. I suppose we are paying the price for research and development as well as the actual materials, but there may be better ways to get a cheap lightweight double stroller than shopping the discounts and sales. Here are some ideas :

  • Search for local Ebay auctions for used lightweight double strollers. Always consider shipping costs as part of the online auction prices and keep your eyes open for auctions that offer free shipping
  • Look for highly rated, used double umbrella strollers for sale on community bulletin boards
  • Shop local freecycle and craigslist for cheap or (if you are lucky) free, used lightweight double strollers

You don’t need me to tell you that hauling two babies can be a back breaking experience. There is very little that we can do to lighten that load, but there are steps that we can take to control the added weight of our double umbrella strollers if you are a smart shopper.

I hope that you enjoyed your visit and will come back soon to check out the latest in Unique Baby Gear Ideas and pick up more tips on how to find the best lightweight, twin baby strollers at discount prices.

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