How to Make Your Own Baby Sling Using Our Free Baby Sling Pattern

Follow the easy baby sling pattern instructions below or watch the video to learn how to make your own baby sling. I used this pattern to make my first baby's first carrier and it worked! The original author of these instructions has allowed the pattern to be distributed for free! Now anybody who wants one will know how to make a baby sling.
To learn how to make your own baby sling please follow the instructions in this baby sling pattern to the letter and then practice using the carrier. Always use your own common sense and judgment in regard to your baby's safety. If you don't sew, please refer to the video for a no sew baby sling pattern.


  • FABRIC 44 to 48 inch wide sturdy, woven cotton or cotton poly blend fabric
    (knits will not work) should be enough for this baby sling pattern.

    Get a length of fabrics that is at least 2 to 2 and 1/2 yards. Choose cloth with weight and strength that you feel is capable of holding your child's weight.

  • ALL PURPOSE THREAD in a matching shade. I like polyester sewing thread and most baby sling patterns recommend using polyester
  • QUILT BATTINGThis is a good place to use those odd pieces you always have on hand from other projects. Six pieces 4" x 48" and THREE 6" x 8" pieces
  • 2 Three Inch Rings Some of the rings available are nylon and metal. Choose one that you feel is sturdy and dependable. I prefer a SOLID metal ring with NO WELDS. Some people prefer nylon. Use your own judgment and as always, make your decisions with regards to your baby's safety. A cheap baby sling can be a good baby sling, and there is certainly nothing wrong with a cheap baby sling made from a free baby sewing pattern so long as you are certain that it's completely safe for use in your own opinion.

    1. Wash, dry and press your fabric,
    2. Lay your fabric out print side down. Fold one end up 1/4" and stitch. Fold stitched end in again to cover raw edge, stitch again.This will be your "tail".
    3. If you are using cloth without a finished edge fold edges in 1/4" and stitch.
    4. Cut one piece of batting one foot by four feet, fold in thirds lengthwise (or stack three 4" x 4 ft pieces if you're working with scrap batting). Place on long edge of fabric, two feet up from the "tail".
    5. Fold the edge of fabric and batting over, all the way up the length of the fabric, to make one "padded rail". Pin it in place, make certain that the fold is straight across the entire way. You may need to coax the batting into place. Sew the length of the fabric, 1/4" in from the edge.
    6. Sew, starting from the inside of the sling and sewing out (see below), across padded rail 1/2" to 2" from each end, and again 12 to 14" from each end, to keep batting from shifting. (this will keep it from scrunching up weird, since there's no outside seam.)
    7. Go through steps Number 4 thru 6 on the other long side of the fabric, for the other padded rail.
    8. Cut three 6" x 8" pieces of batting, or one piece (8 x 18" or 6 x 24") folded up to 6" x 8".
    9. Place batting lengthwise on the sling, 1/4" to 1/2" from the top (unfinished edge). Fold outside edges of sling towards the middle so that the tops of the outside edges are touching the batting. Fold outside edges again - this time the outside edges should touch each other, overlapping slightly and completely to cover the quilt batting. Pin in place. Sew over the overlap (down the middle of the sling and the batting, sewing the two edges together and covering the quilt batting.) This will be your shoulder pad

    10. Fold the top edge over 1/4" to 1/2".Pin in place. Fold top corners down 1/2" to      1",pin in place. Sew top edge, rounding corners. You'll have four layers of raw fabric      exposed at this point,don't panic. It'll get sewn to the inside of the baby sling.
    11. Slide the shoulder pad through both rings. Push the rings down to where the      padded rails start.
    12. Fold shoulder pad and whole top end of the baby sling down over rings so that the      insides meet. The shoulder pad should lay directly in the middle of the baby sling side to side, in between the two padded rails.

    The top of the shoulder pad should be      about level (within and inch or two) with the ends of the padded rails. The fabric underneath the shoulder pad will want to wad up and it's up to you to have to spread it out to make sure it's straight and there's no wrinkles. Pin the shoulder pad in place.

    13. Sew down the middle of the shoulder pad again, following your original line, to attach the pad to the back of the baby sling. Sew parallel lines 1 1/2" from either side of      this line, which will divide the pad into four puffy rows. Sew across the end of the rows, on top of or right next to the end seam you made in step 10.
    14. WHEW!!!THERE YOU GO! FINISHED AT LAST! WE ARE NOW AT THE END OF THE BABY SLING PATTERN INSTRUCTIONS. Thread up the tail end, grab a baby sized teddy bear to practice and take your baby sling for a test drive!
    15.Trim all the loose threads and wash,dry and press the baby sling before you go out      with it or wrap it to give as a wonderfully baby shower gift!

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