How to Paint Even and Uneven Stripes on the Wall
Nursery Painting Ideas

Painting stripes is one of the most popular baby nursery painting ideas. You will still need a few supplies and a basic assortment of painting tools and some time, but the results will be well worth it. Just remember that the most important step in any wall painting technique is very easy: the cleaning stage. Scrubbing is not the most fun, but even the professionals have to do it. Then you can move on to the more advanced aspects of painting stripes and other designs.

How to Paint Wall Stripes

BEST! Nursery Wall Painting Techniques

French Traditional Nursery with Striped Walls
Before you go any further, thoroughly clean the area of the nursery that you will be decorating.

Then pull out the file where you have all the baby nursery decorating ideas you've saved and get to work!

Nursery Painting Ideas and Techniques

Choose paint in three complimentary shades if you are planning to paint a combination of wide and narrow stripes. Two shades are all that you will need if you are painting even stripes. Tip: choose one dark and one light color paint or accent colors.

uneven wall stripes

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  • Painters masking tape (the green kind works well)

  • Single edge safety style razor blades
  • A level, the bubble kind that carpenters use or one of the modern electronic types if you are techno savvy and know how to use it
  • Pencil or chalk is even better if you can make it work for you
  • Paint brushes that will best fit the width of your desired striping and job size

Baby girl nursery room with painted stripes and DIY wainscoting on the wall

Examples of
Painting Stripes on the Nursery Wall

Determine the colors of your stripes using the crib set or the inspiration piece of your choice as a guide.

Nursery Painting Ideas as far as choosing the best paint colors for your uneven or various widths of painted nursery wall stripes can be taken directly from the shades depicted in any important decorative piece such as:

  • The baby bedding or cribset
  • A themed nursery rug
  • A piece of artwork complimentary to your baby’s nursery theme

Clean your area as I mentioned above. Then following normal painting procedures, prepare the actual surface by filling holes, priming and all that blah blah blah. I won’t venture into all that stuff here as it’s available in countless places on the web. I would rather touch on the fun parts of nursery painting ideas. The part that makes plain old while walled baby rooms into spaces of haute couture or whatever style of decor that you think is cool.

For the sake of demonstrating our nursery painting ideas, we will be using gender neutral shades of green, pastel yellow and creamy white.


Paint your entire area in the lightest color you will be using which in this demonstration will be the creamy white shade of paint. By the way, the best nursery paint color is up for discussion, but the best TYPE is eggshell or semi-gloss due to the ability to clean this finish. If the color is a drastic difference from the original, roll on two coats. Once finished, if the kids are with a sitter and you have dealt with all the nursery painting ideas you can stand, crank up the blender, kick off your shoes, enjoy a margarita and watch the paint dry. Make a large pitcher because the finish has to be completely dried before proceeding and it could take awhile. Enjoy, grandma won’t know that you’re not actively working or tell her you are developing some nursery painting ideas to use with that beautiful toile baby bedding set she gave you.


Starting in a well hidden corner, like behind the closet door, measure four inches away from the corner and make dots at several different levels so that you can be certain that your masking tape is lining up from top to bottom along the right side edge of the pencil or chalk marks. If you have a question, check it with the level and adjust. No wavy stripes, please at least not for this set of nursery painting ideas. Make sure the tape edges are well sealed or you will have a raggedy edge to your stripes.

Proceed to measure six inches from the previous edge and follow the same steps to run a strip of tape from top to bottom this time line the LEFT edge of the tape along the chalk or pencil marks. Measure and be sure the space between your tape is six inches across at all levels.

Proceed measuring away five and ½ inches from the left side of the last strip of tape and work across your entire area. This will give you a six inch stripe at five inch intervals.

Once you’ve finished taping your entire nursery wall, use an appropriately sized roller to paint your dark green paint between the applied strips of tape. You will need to do two coats. Remove your tape after your last coat is completed. If you’re head is not hurting from last night’s margaritas, ONCE AGAIN, IT’S PARTY TIME! Remember to let the paint completely cure and for your hangover to go away to proceed.


Along the right hand side of each dark green stripe place a strip of tape taking care to line it up perfectly! (If your hands are the slightest bit shaky from last evening’s cocktails, drink a bicarb or take an aspirin and try again in a half hour or so.)

Ok, you got that done. Place the next strip with its left side edge two inches away (or however wide you want this stripe to be, I have used a narrower stripe with and equal degree of success). Make sure the tape is once again snug to the wall with no chance of leakage. Tape all the way across your space using these measurements.

Use a narrow roller to apply two coats of pale yellow paint again removing the tape after the last coat.

If you see spots that need touching up, do not….I repeat do not try to freehand the repair. You will end up with some kind of retro geometric wavy stripes and be sick and sorry. I would advise to RETAPE so that you will get a straight edge.

Only you can choose the best paint colors for your project. Nursery painting ideas for your baby boy nursery are completely up to you . Whether you like traditional blue or classic pastel pink for your baby girl’s bedroom depends on what style of decor you are working toward. If you are undecided, there are many examples to inspire you right here on this site!

I think I went with the unisex colors above because they blend so well with tequila! Hey, don’t knock it! I had a blast, didn't endanger anybody and had great fun! Put all those fabulous baby nursery decorating ideas you've been saving to work!

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