Baby Furniture Checklist and Nursery Shopping Guide

If you have questions about baby furniture or need a baby nursery check list you have come to the right place. Don’t be embarrassed to admit that you don’t know how to go about shopping for furniture for a baby. Outfitting a nursery for newborns is not the same as designing your own bedroom.

Newborn babies need a place to sleep; that’s a given. If a bed was the only nursery furniture that was required furnishing a nursery would be a piece of cake, but it’s just not that easy. There are lots of different kinds of cribs, dressers and tables and they are in every price range from ultra-expensive to having such a cheap price tag that you wonder if the pieces might be made from cardboard rather than wood.
To eliminate some of the confusion and mystery surrounding baby furniture, here is a basic baby furniture FAQ or nursery furniture checklist to answer some commonly asked questions.

Baby Nursery Furniture - The Barest Necessities What items in are a must and which can we buy later or skip altogether? A place for baby to safely sleep is a must. Storage for baby’s clothes would be the next item of importance. If you are a believer in co-sleeping, a crib is not a necessity but I would have one on hand just in case.

Here’s a helpful nursery furniture checklist of items common to infant’s rooms for you to consider:

Many of the items on this list are optional. For instance:

  • If you have a large closet that will organize baby's clothes, you may not need a dresser or armoire that would take up floor space
  • If you have a bassinet, chances are you have no need for a cradle or vice versa
  • Whether you want a Moses basket or a portable crib is a matter of taste
  • If you have a dining room and plan to feed baby there, a nursery rocker may be unnecessary

If all of this seems confusing or if you really don’t know where or how you want to carry out various parts of baby’s routine, don’t go overboard buying huge baby furniture sets. Don’t buy until you see the need for a particular piece of furniture.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Baby Furniture? The best time to buy nursery furniture is before you need it. How many times have you paid more than you should have for an item just because you had to have it in a hurry? Start researching the market and make a checklist of the baby gear that you want as you find out that you are pregnant. You can actually begin to buy your furniture once you know the size of your baby’s room, how much storage you need and what you want the theme of your nursery to be.

Where Can I Buy Cheap, Safe, Top-Quality Baby Furniture

If you want to save a lot of money, buy some top quality, used baby furniture. Search the classified ads in your area newspaper and check local listings in Craigslist or on Ebay.

Where Might I Find Free Baby Furniture? You might get free baby furniture if you put it on your baby gift wish list or registry. Whisper a little hint in the ear of your baby shower hostess and have her spread the word. Emily Post might frown just a tiny bit, but I think to let people know what you need for baby’s nursery is practical and shows a lot of common sense. Another way to luck up on some free baby furniture would be to let close family and friends know that when they give their baby’s bedroom a makeover into a space more suited for a toddler that you could really use that crib and changing table. Another option that’s equally eco-friendly would be to check the local listings on Freecycle. There’s no free shipping, but paying freight is still better than paying full price for baby stuff.

While you are shopping for inexpensive baby furniture, keep an eye open for baby gear and decorative accessories to personalize your baby’s room to perfection.

For more helpful baby checklists and information on baby nursery furniture and accessories, return to Unique Baby Gear Ideas.

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