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You may be surprised to learn that many (experienced) parents place baby high chairs at the top of their list of baby gear and furniture that they would not want to be without. This is valuable information because parents who have a year or two of "life with baby" under their belt know a thing or two about what's important when equipping your home to care for a baby.

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While a seat at the family dinner table may not the most glamorous or exciting of your many purchases, a functional high chair may well be one of the most treasured. The right chair will:

  • Keep baby safe at mealtime
  • Give your little a taste of independence
  • Hold a few toys to entertain baby while you eat your own meal

Which Baby High Chair is the Safest

How old should my baby be before I put him (or her) in a high chair?
You should always refer to the owner's manual but usually babies can start to sit in their chair when they are about six months old and have begun to eat solid food.

Can't I just feed the baby while holding her in my lap at the table?
I would rather my babies sit in a baby high chair during meals because it gives them some family "face time" and gives them a feeling of independence. Holding a baby at mealtime is tiring and hasn't got the benefits of using a highchair.

Before I introduced them to a spoon and fork I would put some baby safe finger food on a plate that they could feed themselves. This seemed to make them feel like such "big girls"! If they weren't hungry, they just enjoyed watching the rest of the family eat and listening to our conversation.

There are so many brands and types of baby high chairs; what do I look for?

I always say, "comfort and safety first" and "looks, features and fun stuff later". With those thoughts in mind:

Knowing Which is the Safest Baby High Chair

  • Check that the seat has a five point harness. What IS a five point safety harness? This is a system of safety belts that has straps that go over both of the baby's shoulders, across the baby's hips and then snaps between their legs. This system has been proven to prevent very active baby "Houdini"s from wiggling their way to freedom and keeping them out of danger.

    A baby high chair that has a single belt is a NO NO! A chair that only has a belt that goes around baby's waist should set your safety alarm bells ringing. KEEP MOVING and DON'T BUY THIS CHAIR!

  • Even with the safety harness, you should also look for a chair with a rigid crotch bar that will prevent a child from sliding under the tray, reducing the risk of strangulation.

  • Baby likes to rock and mom should, too! Shake that chair while imagining that a rambunctious baby is on board! Does it have a wide enough base to keep it stable or does it look like it would tip over? Look for a wide base that will stand up to most robust of wigglers with a low center of gravity.

  • Look for wheel locks that work! Not all high chairs have wheels but if you are thinking of buying one that does; be sure that they will keep the chair from rolling.

  • If your home is small, a folding, wooden high chair that only takes up floor space during meals may be best for you. Just check it to be sure that it only folds when you want it to! Examine the locks to be sure that there is no danger that it could accidentally fold while baby is seated. If you are satisfied that it's not dangerous, measure it to be sure that it will fit inside your storage area with no problems.

  • Run your hands over and under all parts of the chair to check for sharp edges, cracks, crevices or working parts with areas big enough for a baby’s tiny finger to get stuck in. Are all connections, nuts and bolts really attached so that your little doll can’t work them loose? Is there anything you can see that might present a choking hazard?

After all of the safety issues on your checklist have been satisfied, you can drill down further to find the best high chair for comfort and your convenience.

The baby high chair tray may not keep all baby’s food off the floor, but one that is large enough does slow the process a tiny bit and some are easier to clean than others so here's what to look for.

  • Size matters when it comes to a baby high tray. Be sure the tray is big enough for the job.
  • Take the tray on and off the chair a few times. Be sure that everything works smoothly and that when it snaps on that the latching system holds it in place securely.
  • Will it be easy to clean?
  • I get lots of emails from moms who want to know which high chairs have trays that can be washed in the dishwasher. So, ask if the high chair's tray be washed in the dishwasher if that's important to you.

A comfy seat cushion may not be a deal breaker for some but I like a chair with an easy-to-clean pad that is thick enough to keep my baby comfortable at least through dinner.

Ask whether or not you can buy replacement cushions that fit when the pad gets dirty. A stained cushion makes the whole chair look worn out and dirty. The availability of replacement pads is important to preserve resale value!

Some high chairs have the ability to raise and lower the height which might be considered a luxury feature. This is a nice feature since it allows you to adjust the height to your individual comfort level and as your child you can adjust the seat accordingly.

However, after reading many high chair reviews I see that not all baby high chairs adjust easily. My advice is to take other moms' opinions into consideration and test the chairs to be sure that you can adjust it easily.

Even high end baby chair hardware can come up missing! Ask whether or not the manufacturer makes replacement hardware and parts available to consumers just in case.

The Bottom Line of Baby High Chair Shopping
There is a lot more to finding the best high chair than you thought, right? But since they are a big ticket item with many safety issues, every responsible consumer will want to do their research so as not to be disappointed in their purchase.

I hope that the information in our baby high chair buying guide will help you to find the very best seat that both of you will be happy with.

In addition to Unique Baby Gear Ideas high chair recommendations, new parents should also Consumer Reports to read more consumer opinions.

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