Cute Baby Bottle Holders

Every mom should have baby bottle holders listed on their baby shower gift registry. These are one of the more useful items to come on the baby gear scene in ages. I’m all for baby stuff that’s cute, helpful and inexpensive enough to tuck into a gift basket in a pinch and bottle holders fit all three bills! You might ask what bottle holders do and why I’m so excited about them.

Any mom who has gone strolling with a baby for any distance already knows why baby bottle holders should be nominated for a baby gadget of the year award. Imagine that you are strolling along and baby gets a little fussy. You know that it is snack time so you pull out the baby bottle to rectify the situation and get back in stroll mode only to have to stop every three or four feet to pick up baby’s bottle that he’s either tossed out of the stroller or that fell out all on its own.

What is a Baby Bottle Holder
A baby bottle holder has a strap with a clip that will attach the bottle securely so that no matter what kind of throwing arm your little slugger might have, the bottle will not hit the ground and get all dirty. Most holders are insulated so that they not only keep the bottle within baby’s reach, they help to keep the liquid inside warm or cold. Another big benefit is that they may reduce the number of leaks inside the diaper bag. If you have jumped on the glass baby bottle bandwagon, bottle holders will keep glass breakage to a minimum.

Modern bottle holders come in bright, colorful patterns and designs. I can see a trend developing where most designer diaper bags and popular jogging strollers will come with their own matching bottle holders. There may even be plans to include some extra clip rings to accommodate bottles. Even if your diaper bag or stroller isn’t equipped with baby bottle or pacifier holders, I would encourage you to buy one and to put it to work protecting your baby’s bottle as soon as possible.

Have your ever seen vintage baby bottle holders? What passed as bottle holders a couple decades ago were little more than a plastic or vinyl covered pillow that moms would lie alongside a hungry baby’s head to prop a bottle on. The old style bottle holders came in shapes of sway backed puppy dogs or teddy bears that may have had an elastic loop in the center. The idea was to slip the infant’s bottle inside the elastic to be held in position while baby drank the formula. What actually happened more often was that baby would turn his or her head ever so slightly and the nipple would slip out of their mouth and the milk would leak all over the bed, baby and anything else that was located in close proximity. I can’t imagine why anybody would think that this was a good way to feed their baby.

The good news is that baby bottle holders and diaper bags have evolved and have been improved so that they are better designed and more efficient than ever. Even if I could resist those precious fabrics I would not want to be without a bottle holder ever again. Return to Unique Baby Gear Ideas for more information on helpful baby products.

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