Cute Baby Pacifier Holders and Clips

When shopping for baby essentials, don’t skip the pacifier holders or pacifier clips. Believe me when I tell you that there may be a time when a good night’s sleep depends on this simple bit of baby gear. We all know how crucial the right pacifier at just the right moment can be. So what do you do if you can’t find baby’s favorite soothers?
You do what every parent does when baby’s crying at a high pitch in their own personalized musical scale; you panic and scramble to search under the baby's crib and nursery furniture to try and locate it before things get any worse and a late (extremely late) bedtime looms before your tired, bloodshot eyes. Here’s a little parenting tip that may save you from crawling about in the middle of the night looking for your baby’s missing pacifier; get a pacifier holder and use it.

Those of you that are new to the world of baby gear may be wondering if I’m talking about a cute little dish that sits on top of the baby’s dresser where a baby boy or baby girl’s favorite pacifier might rest when not in use. While that might not be a bad idea, what we’re actually referring to is a simple clip with a short strap that snaps on to the handle of baby’s pacifier then secures it to the baby’s shirt, bunting or some article of the newborn’s clothing. And more times than not, the pacifier clip can be color coordinated or reflect the theme of the baby shower gift basket.

Pacifier holders are not really new. Moms who didn’t enjoy the last game of "Where is the Pacifier" found ways to secure the devilish little nipple so that baby couldn’t lose it that were homemade, but nonetheless effective. Baby product manufacturers don’t like missing an opportunity to invent a better mousetrap and came out with pacifier holders that make unique baby shower gifts, especially if the baby’s name has been chosen so that the engraving or monogram can be done ahead of time. I have heard that you should shop for pure sterling silver and not silver plate.

Fancy sterling silver pacifier holders that are shaped like bugs, bears and the occasional kitty cat are now seen being worn by babies as often as rings, bracelets and other kinds of silver and gold baby jewelry. Pacifier clips are a very practical baby shower gift idea and make an impressive presentation in any gift basket for a baby boy or girl.

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