Asian Party Ideas for a Baby Shower

You don’t have to be Japanese to need Asian party ideas. Perhaps an oriental friend is having a baby and you want to honor her with an Asian table shower fill with elegant Far Eastern flair or maybe you just like the symbols and color schemes that the decorations for this theme have to offer. Here are some cool ideas that will kick your special occasion off with just as much pizzazz as the fireworks at a Chinese New Year parade. Without the fire breathing dragons, of course.

Organize your thoughts and then make a list of the Asian party supplies that you will need to buy. At this point in the planning process you should have made or the hostess should have supplied you with a guest list or at the very least a ballpark figure of how many tables and how large an area you will be filling with decorations. Once you have this information we can proceed to put your unique Asian party ideas into play.

Asian party decorating ideas with paper lanterns and patio lights

Go here to see Asian lanterns and patio lights that will make decorating for indoor or outdoor venues and breeze.

Invitations for an Asian party theme can be as simple (and inexpensive) as some squares of rice paper with one or two bold oriental symbols on the front of the card in bold black ink. The information for the party can be written in the same color and style (in English as well as your chosen dialect?) inside the card and then tucked into a matching envelope. An oriental symbol for good luck on the flap of the envelope would be a nice touch that will tie your invitations to the rest of your decorative Asian party ideas.

Another option would be to buy or make your own oriental mini-fans complete with silk tassels and gold cords with metallic lettering. When your guests receive these sophisticated invitations in their black envelopes with gold seals on the flap, they will surely be impressed.

If your guests will be seated at individual tables, decorate each round table with a cheap, red, metallic table skirt just like the ones that can be found in Chinatown that has oriental characters and gold dragons on little medallions around the borders of the top. For the tabletop :

  • Sprinkle a light cover of red, silver and gold Chinese confetti
  • Popular choices for your decorative centerpieces can be
    • Japanese paper lanterns
    • Votive candle cups with the Chinese fortune characters of Peace, Eternity and Beauty
    • Bronze Candelabra
  • Set the table with chopsticks in addition to standard cutlery if you wish
  • Oriental themed napkins
  • Asian Dinnerware
  • Glassware decorated with tiny paper Chinese parasols

The size of your venue will determine which Asian party decorations are best. Don’t despair, because no matter how small or large your room is, you will be able to use some style of Chinese dragon decorations. But, you don’t want to make your guests uncomfortable by forcing them to share a small space with a huge Imperial Dragon display made of balloons that are flashing bright twinkle lights. If you have little room to spare, a few tissue paper dragons strategically attached to the ceiling will help to preserve your floor space for the rest of your Asian party ideas.

If you have more party guests than you have square feet, make use of wall and ceiling decorations like banners, murals and arrangements of Chinese scrolls and cutouts in an Asian theme rather than cardboard stand ups. Save the large floor displays for outside the room perhaps placed at the sides of the entry to make it festive.

If you are decorating for the spring prom or a college frat party in a large hall with a stage, by all means go wild and come up with BIG Asian party ideas appropriate for the occasion. Standees and huge oriental murals will make cool backgrounds for celebrations that are expecting big crowds. You can buy these items and they are pretty inexpensive, but you can also make some of your own Asian party decorations.

One of my favorite Asian party ideas for large spaces is to join large balloons together and intertwine twinkle lights to make the body of a unique, homemade dragon. Use gold poster board to make a large dragon head for your monster sized Chinese dragon and attach long streamers to the tail. This is a really cheap way to make an ancient Chinese dragon that will cover a lot of ground when decorating for a festive and fun Asian themed party.

Standees and huge oriental murals will make cool backgrounds for celebrations that are expecting big crowds.

Asian party favors are lots of fun and pretty much a no-brainer; good ideas for oriental favors are that easy to find. The main issue in this section of our Asian party ideas would be price. At an elegant, sophisticated party with an unlimited budget that I once attended, the party favors were antique gold Chinese dragon masks.

I have never been able to afford favors that are that expensive, so my Asian party ideas for a baby shower in this theme would be more in line with mini Chinese food or favor boxes with some candy inside. I might be able to spring for a more expensive baby gift for a pregnant friend with an Asian or oriental baby nursery theme.

If mom has chosen a set of Panda baby bedding for the baby's crib, you might want to consider decorating the gift table with a giant stuffed panda bear with small plush, pandas holding name cards at each place setting that could serve as party favors.

Please visit Unique Baby Gear Ideas often for tips on how to decorate an Asian party.

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