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Being a southerner myself, the suggestion that most Southern baby names are limited to double names just makes me mad. Southerners are as modern as citizens living in any other part of the country. It's just that we lean a little more towards tradition in some areas and patterns for naming southern babies reflect this. Trendy, cute names come and go in southern circles. The difference in the Sunny Southland is that they may be combined with an old family name that repeats itself time and time again.

Bear in mind that there are exceptions to every rule and southern people do love to bend if not break a rule now and then. In the continuing effort to be unique, obviously southern and to prove their independence there is a constant quest for baby names associated with elegance and yes memories of the south before the recent misunderstanding between the north and south.

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Southern Baby Girl Names Starting with the Letter "E"

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  • Eschol Lee - No meaning available for this name but it is a name used for baby girls in old Southern families perhaps picked up from this quote "The Sellers family was a large one, and the given name Eschol was not uncommon in its several branches" taken the book, Mark Twain: A Biography.
  • Elodie or Elodia is an unusual name of Germanic origin meaning certain of wealth.

Southern Baby Girl Names Starting with the Letter "M"

MAUDINE - Of English origin meaning strong in battle or a mighty battle maiden.

Southern names for girls can be as common as Mary, which is a name that is found everywhere in boring repetition. Southerners put a unique spin on such simple names by combining it with a beloved family member's name. Observe the differences in plain old

  • Mary Jane
  • Mary Alice
  • Mary Ann

and the ways that a southern lady would dress it up. Southern baby names would travel the direction of

  • Mary Colquitt
  • Mary Hardy
  • Mary Carolina

It's not unusual for a southern baby girl's middle name to be the name of an old family home or even a male relative. I have known a Mary Michael and a Mary Earl. Both girls were called by both of these names and were probably glad that they were set apart from the other ten girls named Mary in the class. Middle names in the south are excellent conversation starters and it’s very doubtful that you will find many current southern baby names on the list of redneck baby names!

On the other hand southern baby boys would not be named for female relatives no matter how dear or recently departed. The closest southern baby names for boys that I've ever heard used in recent times was Evangeline and believe it or not, Shirley! Both of these rather unusual names for a southern baby boy were preceded by the beloved southern name of John. Oh! Southerners adore to name their baby boys John! I guess that's where the term Johnny Reb came from? And of course, the female derivative of John would be Janice. The name Janice in the Southern states was reasonably popular in the 1950s, but has not made the list of most popular baby names since then.

I tend to disagree with the common misconception that southern names are all about moonlight and magnolias. Romance does not appear to be a huge influence on baby names in the modern south. The parents of the new south tend to name their babies after people and places that they love, respect and feel worthy of a living memorial.

I'm starting a southern baby names list and here are the first few entries. If you've heard one that was remarkable, please send it so that we can add it to our listings!

Make plans to visit often to see more old-fashioned Southern baby boy and girl names and lots of Unique Baby Gear Ideas and don't forget to share your own baby name ideas and baby pictures while you're here.

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