Southern Female Names Beginning with "C"

It's not unusual to see southern female names that are traditionally considered to be masculine. While it may seem odd for a list of baby girl names in any other part of the United States to include classic boy names like Henry or Charles you should know that southern baby names and traditional naming practices below the Mason Dixon Line operate according to their own unique set of rules.
This list of southern girls names is an ongoing labor of love, simply because I find southern naming practices absolutely fascinating.

When I find southern belle names like Charles Anne or Courtland Elizabeth, my curiosity peaks and I find myself dying to know the history of the family and the circumstances surrounding the birth of this girl in the historic south.

Modern times in the southern states have enjoyed a reduction in the infant death rate, but in the not so distant past it was rare for all babies to live to live to adulthood. If the first born to a family was a daughter, the father's name was often given as well as a with a popular southern female names of the day just in case there were no surviving sons to carry the name in future generations.

Name Gender Country of Origin Meaning Similar, Alternate Spellings and Nicknames
Cade Unisex N/A purity Southern Female Names - Double ex: Kerry Cade
Cadence female Latin melodious Possible nickname: Katie
Cadrian female N/A N/A Rhea,Ria
Caelyn female N/A loved forever Kay,Lynn,Kaylynn,Kayelynn,Kaylin
Cailey female N/A N/A Caley,Callie
Caimile female African name from proverb Camille,Camile,Cammie,Milla
Caitlin female Celtic, Welsh purity Kaitlin,Caitlyn,Kate,Katie,Kaitlyn, Katelyn,Catelyn
Calla female Arabic castle Callie
Calandra female Greek lark,bird Callie,Landy
Calantha female Greek beautiful blossoms Callie,Antha
Calder Unisex Old English river of stones, stream Caulder,Callie
Caldwell Unisex Southern Female Names - Family Old English cold spring Callie
Caledonia female Latin from Scotland Callie,Donnie,Donie
Caley female Gaelic Slender Callie,Kailey
Calhoun Southern Female Names - Family Name Old English warrior Callie
Calida female Latin, Spanish ardent, warm and loving N/A
Calista female Greek most beautiful Cal,Lissie,Kalista
Callan female German to chatter Callie,Calla
Callidora female Greek gift of beauty Calli,Dora
Callis Southern Female names - family Latin cup Callys
Caltha female Latin yellow flower Cal
Calvinia unisex Latin bald From Calvin, Calvyn, Calvinnia, Callie
Calypso female Greek concealor n/a
Cam unisex Vietnamese, English orange fruit, sweet, beloved, of the sun Cammie,Camille,Camilla
Camden Unisex Scottish from the winding valley Cammie,Cam,Dennie,Denny
Cameron unisex Old English bent nose Ronnie, Cam, Cammie, Camryn
Camille female Latin attendant at a religious ceremony Camilla, Camelia, Cammilla, Cammie, Cammy, Millie
Campbell Southern Female Name - Family French beautiful field Belle, Bella,Cammie,Cam
Canace female Greek child of the wind Nicey
Candace female Greek sweet, glowing, glittering Candice,Candy
Candida female Latin white, pure Candy
Candra female Latin luminescent Candy,Andy
Cannon Unisex southern female Name     Canny, Candy,Canon
Caprice female Italian fanciful, unpredictable Pricie
Cara female Latin, Vietnamese dear, diamond Kara, Carrie
Carajean Southern female name - Double n/a sweet melody Cara,Carrie,Jean,Jeannie
Carel female French strong Carol,Carole
Caresse female French beloved Carrie,Carressa
Carey male Latin dear, pleasant stream Keri,Cary, Carrie, Kerry, Kerrie
Cari female Turkish flows like water Kari,Kerry,Keri
Carina female Latin, Italian a keel, beloved, dear Karina, Kerina,Karen
Carl Unisex name in the south Teutonic one who is strong Karla, Karla, Carlton, Carlisle, Carlyle,Carlina, Carlie, Carly,Karel
Carla female Teutonic one who is strong, woman Carline, Karla
Carleigh southern female name - family name German freeholder Carlie,Karly,Carly,Karlie
Carlen female Teutonic woman Carla,Carlie,Carly
Carling female Old English hill, place where crones or witches meet  
Carly female Latin little, womanly see Carl
Carlyle Unisex Old English Carl's island see Carl
Carmen female Hebrew, Latin garden,orchard of fruit, song Carmel, Cammie,Carmie
Carnelian female Latin a red gem Carnella,Carnie
Caroline female Old German strong, melody, song Carolyn,Carolynn, Carolina, Cary, Carly, Carol, Karoline, Karolyne, Karolina, Karolyna, Caro, Karo, Carra, Cara, Carrie, Carry, Lina,Keri, Kari, Kerry, Carey, Ceray, Kerrie, Karri, Cary, Karrie, Kerrolyn
Caron female French purity Karen,Karin,Carin
Carrington Unisex,Family Name Old English beautiful Carry,Carrie
Carson female Swedish Daughter of Carr Carrie,Keri
Carter female Southern name - family Old English cart driver Carrie
Carver female Old English sculptor, wood carver Carrie
Cary unisex Celtic honest one, shy Carey,Keri,Kerry,Carrie
Case Family name Old French chest Often used as Middle Name
Casey unisex Celtic, Gaelic brave, watchful Cass,Kasey
Cassandra female Greek prophet of doom Cassie,Cassy, Sandra, Sandy
Cassia female Greek champion Cass,Cassie,Cassy
Cassidy Best southern female name Gaelic clever,girl with the curly hair Cass
Catherine classic southern girls name Greek pure Cathrynn, Kathryn, Katherine, Katharine, Cathy, Kathie,Catrine, Trina, Cathleen, Kittie, Kitty,Catriana, Catalin, Caterina, Catriona, Catlina, Cayla,
Cayden female Gaelic spirit of battle Kaden,Caden,Katen
Cayleigh female Gaelic party Caley,Kayleigh,Lee,Leigh, Caylah
Cecilia female Latin blind Cecile, Cece, Celia, Lee,Leah,Cecily, Cicely, Cissy, Sissy, Cicilie
Celandia female Greek the swallow Lee,Leah,Landy
Celeste female Latin heavenly Celie,Selie,Celestina, Sally, Tina
Celine female N/A N/A Lena,Lina,Celie,Lee
Chalmers Southern Family Name Scottish son of the lord n/a
Chanel female French canal Cha Cha, Nell, Nellie
Chandra female Sanskrit eminent, illustrious, moon Combination of Chandler and Sandra
Charisma female Greek grace Charis,Carrie, Carry
Charissa female Greek grace Rissa,Charis
Charity female Latin affectionate, charity, brotherly love n/a
Charlesie female southern name from Charles Old English strong Charlesy,Charlsy,Charlie
Charlotte female French petite and feminine Charlie, Lotta, Carlotta, Lottie, Lotte, Charlene, Charlayne, Chatzie
Charmian female Greek a little joy N/a
Chastity female Latin purity Chas,Chaz
Chelsea female Old English river landing place, port Chelsie,Kelsie
Cherise female Greek grace Sharise,Cheri,Cherry,Risa
Cheryl female French beloved, dear Sheryl, Sherrill, Sheryl,Sheri
Chester Girl Named after father Latin camp Chestine, Chesteen,Chestina,Chesteena
Cheyenne female Native American n/a Chy,Shy,Anne,Annie
Chiara female Latin famous, light Keira,Ciaira
Chloe female Greek blooming Cloe,Cloey,Chloey
Chloris female Old German pale Cloris
Christabel female Latin beautiful christian Christy,Kristy,Christa,Bella,Belle
Christian unisex Greek annointed, follows Christ Christiaan, Kristianne, Chrissy, Chrestian
Christina female Greek annointed, follows Christ Christine, Tena,Tina Kristen, Kristin, Kristine, Kirsten, Kristina, Christie, Kris, Kristi, Krissie, Christiana, Christa, Chrissie,Kristy
Claiborne Old southern family name carried by females Old English born of the earth Clayborn, Claybourne, Claibourne, Clay
Claire female Latin, Greek bright, shining, clear Clare, Clara, Clarice, Clarissa, Claris, Clarisse, Clarrie, Clarette, Claretta, Clairese
Clancy unisex Celtic offspring of red-headed soldier Clancey, CeCe
Clarence Unisex Southern Female Name Latin clear, bright Clare, Clary,Clara
Clark Unisex Southern Family Name Old English, French cleric, scholar Clarke,Clare,Clarkie
Claude female Latin lame Claudy, Claudia, Claudette, Lodia,Lodia,Laudia
Clay female German adhere, mortal Usually part of a double name such as Clay Ann or Annie Clay
Clement Unisex - Southern Family Name Latin merciful Clemmie,See Clemintine
Clementine female Latin merciful See Clement, Clementine, Clementina
Cliantha female Greek flower of glory Clea,Clia,Antha
Clifford Unisex in the South Old English hill, near a slope Cliff, Cliffie
Clinton Unisex in the south - Family name Old English town near a hill Clinnie,Clinna
Clio female Greek praise, muse of history Cleo, Cleon, See Cleopatra
Clovis female Old English clover n/a
Clydetee,Clydeteel Female form of the Welsh Male Name,Clyde, meaning heard from afar American Origin from the river Clydett, Clydet, Clydete, Clydetta, Clydeta,Clydie,Clydete
Cody unisex in the south Celtic, Old English assistant, a pillow, possessions Coyita, Codie
Colby unisex in the south Old English coal town Kolby,Coleby
Cole unisex in the south Old English, Greek coal, victory of the people Colie,Coley
Colette female Greek victory of the people Collie,Letta,Nicolette
Colleen female Celtic, Gaelic girl Collie, Lena,Leena, Colene, Coleen
Comfort unisex in the south Latin strengthen Family Name
Constance female Latin faithful, firmness Connie
Cooper unisex in the south Latin cask, barrel maker n/a
Cora female Greek maiden See: Coretta, Coralee, Coralie, Corinna, Correne, Corinne, Corissa, Corisse, Cori,Corey
Coral female Latin rock n/a
Corban unisex in the south Greek a gift devoted to God Corbin, Corbie,Corby
Cordelia female Latin, Celtic rope, heart, a sea jewel Cordy,Delia
Corey female n/a n/a Cory
Cornelia female Latin horn Ener,Nellie
Coty female English old house Cody,Coyita
Courtney female Old English, French from the court n/a
Cressida female Greek gold Sida,Cressie
Crystal female Latin clear, bright, ice Christa,Crys
Cybele female Latin name of an asiastic goddess See Sybil,Cybil,Cybill
Cynthia female Greek moon, Greek god Cindie, Cyndi, Cindy, Tia
Cyrene female Greek name of a mythological nymph Rena

I hope that Unique Baby Gear Ideas has helped you to find the traditional, southern female name that you were looking for and that you will visit often to find more names for baby girls and ideas for decorating a nursery.

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