Southern Female Names Beginning with A

Here are some traditional southern female names beginning with the letter A. I hope to work my way through the more traditional southern names for girls as well as to list some unique names that may have been used within families for generations that are not common to the general population.

I had thought, when beginning this project, that I'd find that feminine southern baby names would be predominately associated with particular cultures or countries. I was surprised to find that the southern female names were equally divided between names of Celtic or Irish origins, Latin, Hebrew with a few French names for good measure.

Southern Female Names - A

Look below for southern female names beginning with the letter A.

Name Gender Origin Nicknames Similar Spellings
Abigail female Latin, Hebrew Ada, Della or Addie Abby, Abbie, Abby, Abigayle, Abigale, Gail
Abryella female N/A N/ASouthern Female Names Abby,Ella
Adelaide female Ada, Della or Addie n/a
Adeline female unknown Ada, Della or Addie n/a 
Addisyn female n/a  n/a
Adrienne female Greek, Latin Ada or Addie Adria, Adrea, Adriana, Adrianna, Adrianne, Adreena, Hatria, Adri, Age
Agatha female Greek Aggie Agathe, Aggy
Agnes female Latin, Greek Aggy, Nessa Agnese
Aeryn female n/a  n/a  Erin;
Aileen female Greek, Celtic Lena Ailene
Aimee female Latin French Spelling - Southern Female Names Amy
Ainsley female Scottish n/a n/a
Alana female Lana,Lanie,Laney n/a
Alberta female German Birdie, Bertie Albertine
Alena female Greek, Slavic Lena Elayna, Allayna
Alethea female Greek Letha n/a 
Alexa female n/a  Lexie,Alexis n/a
Alice female Old German, Greek Allie, Ali Alicia, Alise, Alisa, Alison, Allison, Alyse, Alix, Alyce, Alisha, Alishea, Alyshia, Alysha, Alissa, Alyson, Alyssa, Allyssa, Lyssa, Alseia, Alessa
Alina female Polish Ali, Allie Alena,Alana
Allegra female Latin Allie,Ali n/a
Alma female Latin n/a n/a 
Alodie female Anglo-Saxon Lodia n/a 
Althea female Greek Ali,Allie, Thea Allie, Alethea, Alithea, Thea
Alva female unknown n/a n/a 
Alysa female Greek n/a Alyssa;
Amanda female Latin Ammie Mandy, Mandie, Mandi
Alva female unknown n/a n/a 
Amber female Arabic Ammie n/a
Amelia female Latin Melie,Melia,Ammie n/a
Amethyst female Greek Ammie n/a 
Amy female Latin n/a n/a 
Anna female Most common of all Southern Female Names Annie n/a 
Annabelle female Latin AnnieBelle Anabel, Annabel, Ann, Anna, Belle, Bella, Annabelle, Annabella
Anastasia female Greek Anna,Stasia Anastasio, Anastace, Anastasius, Anastice, Anstasie, Stacia,
Andria female Italian Andy,Rhea Andreea
Angela female Greek Angie Angelica, Angel, Anjelica, Angelina, Angelic
Anisa female Arabic Anise Anissa
Anita female Hindu Nita; n/a
Annabeth female unknown Anna, Beth  Anabeth
Annalynn female n/a  Anna, Lynne ; Annalynne
Anne female Hebrew Annie Ann
Anthea female Greek Ann,Thea n/a 
April female Latin n/a Aprille,Apryl
Arabelle female German Bella Arabel, Arabella
Araminta female Hebrew Minta n/a 
Ardelia female Latin Delia Ordelia;
Ardis female Latin Ardie n/a 
Aretha female Greek Retha n/a 
Aria female Latin Ari Arie, Ariah
Ariadne female Greek, Latin Ari, Ria n/a
Ariel female Hebrew Ari, Rella Arial, Aryel, Ario, Ari, Ariella, Ariela, Ariele, Arielle
Arlene female Celtic Lena Arleen, Arline, Arlette, Arlynn, Arlyn, Arleine
Armina female Latin Minnie, Mina n/a 
Asa female Hebrew n/a Aza;
Ashley female Old English Ash Ashleigh, Ashford, Ash, Ashe, Ashby, Ashlan, Ashlie, Ashling, Ashlyn, Ashlin, Ashli ,Ashi
Ashton unisex ; Ash; n/a 
Astera female Hebrew Aster,Hester n/a 
Astrid female Greek, Old Norse n/a Astred
Athena female Greek Attie Athene
Aubrey female German, Old French Aubie n/a 
Audora female n/a  Dora,Dorie; Adora;
Audrey female Old English Audie Audry, Audery, Audra, Audey, Audie
Autumn female Latin Autie n/a 
Ava female German n/a Avaset

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