Southern Female Names Beginning with B - B is Not Always for Belle

I want to share my list of classic southern female names beginning with the letter B. I plan to list more classic as well as unique southern names for girls as well as to list some odd surnames that may have been used as first names for girls that are not commonly regarded girl's names nor will you find them on most lists of baby names.
My idea, when starting this list was to locate popular feminine southern baby names whose origin was from European countries such as the Irish, French or English. I was amazed to find that the popular southern female names were peppered with Latin, Hebrew with a few Greek names.

Southern Female Names Gender Country of Origin Meanings Nicknames
Babette female French lovely Babs,Baby
Bailey unisex French, English, Teutonic bailiff Bay,Baily, Bayley, Bailee, Baylor
Baird Unisex in south Scottish minstrel Bay,Bard
Ballard Family Oriented Southern Female Names, Unisex Old English, French a song of dancing  
Bambi female Italian baby, child  
Bancroft Southern Female Names - Family Old English Fields of Beans  
Barbara female Greek, Latin exotic,mysterious Barbera, Barbie,Barbs,Barb,Babs, Bobbie
Barclay Southern Female Names - Family Old English birch meadow Barklay, Barkley
Barnett Unisex Southern Family Name Old English noble, honorable Barnet
Barrett Unisex Southern Family Name Teutonic bear-like  
Barretta female unknown Cap, beret  
Berry female southern name French, Celtic, Welsh spear master, marksman Barrie
Barton unisex family name English of the barley farm  
Bathsheba female Hebrew daughter of promise or the oath Sheba
Baxter unisex Old English baker Bax, Baxley
Bay female Scottish N/a  
Beatrice female Latin happy, bringer of joy Bea, Beatrix,Tricey, Patrice, Trixie, Trixy
Bebe Female French baby,babe Babe,Baby 
Beccalynn female English   Becca,Lynn,Becky Lynn
Beck Female Swedish brook Becky,Becca 
Bedelia female French strength Bea,Delia 
Bela female Czech white Bella,Belle 
Beldon Female Old English beautiful pasture, child of the pretty glen Belden
Belicia female Spanish dedicated to gods Belle,Bella, Isabel, Isabelle
Belinda female Spanish, Italian beautiful serpent Belle, Linda
Belladonna female Italian beautiful woman Bella, Bel
Bellamy Female Old French handsome friend Belle,Bell
Bellanca female Greek stronghold or fort Belle,Bella 
Belle female French beautiful,lovely Bea,Bella
Benita female Latin blessed Bente
Benito male Latin blessed one Bonita
Bentley female Old English of the moor Bennie,Bea 
Bergen female German mountain dweller n/a
Berkeley female Anglo-Saxon from the birch meadow n/a
Bernadette female German boldness of a bear Bernie
Bernice female Greek bringer of victories Bernie, Berry, Nicey
Berta female Germanic glorious,learning Robert,Bertie 
Beryl female Hebrew dazzling jewel Berry
Beth female Hebrew house of god Elizabeth, Betty
Bethany female Hebrew house Beth, Betty,Bett, Bethanie, Betheny, Annie,Bethannie
Beulah female Swedish married Lalah,Lallie
Berk male Turkish solid and firm  
Berkeley male Anglo-Saxon from the birch meadow Berkley
Beverly unisex Old English meadow of beavers Bev, Lee, Beverley, Beverely,
Bevin Gender Neutral Celtic Female with a sweet song, Son of Evan Bevan,Bev
Bianca female Italian white Biancha,Blanca
Birch female Old English white N/A 
Birget female Norwegian Caring, protecting Briget,Birge 
Birkita female Celtic Having Strength Birket,Birkie,Burkett 
Blaine female Gaelic, Old English thin,lean,source of a stream or river Blain, Blane
Blair female Gaelic of the plains,child of the fields Blaire
Blaise female Latin one who stammers Blase,Blaze,Bliss
Blake female Old English fair-haired,pale Blakeley
Bliss female Anglo-Saxon joyful,joy Lissie 
Blossom female Old English lovely, like a flower n/a 
Bly female Native American with height, high, tall n/a 
Blythe female Old English joyful,joyous Blithe,Bly
Bonnie female Scottish sweet and good, pretty of face Bonny
Bradley female Old English broad meadow Bradly,Lee
Branch female Latin extension Branche 
Brandi female n/a  beacon light Brandy,Brandee 
Bray female Old English to call, cry out Bree,Brea 
Bree female Celtic broth Brea,Bray 
Brenda female Old English, German firey hill, sword-blade Brendi,Bren,Bryn
Brenna female Celtic dark-haired,Raven haired maiden Brynn,Bren,Brynna 
Brett female Old English, Celtic a daughter of Britain Bretta, Bretton
Briana female Celtic strong, forceful Bree,Brea,Brianne, Brianna
Brice gender neutral Celtic swift,quick-moving,Rice's son Bryce
Bridget female Celtic saintly, resolute, strength Brigetta, Brigette, Brigitte, Brigid, Britta, Brita, Brit, Bree, Birdie, Bryde, Bridge, Gidget, Gita, Gidgey
Brie female French French region Brea,Bree 
Brier female French heather Bry,Bryer 
Brietta female Celtic strong Bree,Brie,Etta 
Brilynn female   strength, casade Brylinn,Bry Lynne,Brie 
Brina female Celtic protector Ina,Bry,Brena 
Briony female Latin plant name Bry,Bree,Ona,Ony 
Britt female Hebrew the helpful one Britta 
Brittany female Latin strong,from England, industrious Britney, Brittny, Brittney, Britany, Brit, Britt, Brittyn, Brits, Britny
Brody female Gaelic ditch, unusual facial hair, beard Brodey,Bro 
Bronwyn female Welsh fair of breast Wyn,Wynne
Brook female Old English stream Brooke,Brooklynne
Bryn female Welsh, Norwegian hill, coat Brynne,Breanna,Bree,Brea
Bryce female N/A  N/A  Bry, Brice, Bryse
Brysen female N/A  N/A  N/A 
Buffy female Hebrew God's promise Buffie,Buffi 
Bunny female English little rabbit Bunnie,Bonny 
Burdette female Middle English small bird Birdy,Birdette 

If you've made it this far down our list of unique, southern female names beginning with the letter B, you may have made note of the fact that many popular baby names for baby boys are considered to be unisex or gender neutral names in the south. The reason for this would be that in the days of high infant mortality, southern gentlemen might not want to take a chance that there would be no sons to be their namesakes.

The answer to this problem might be to name their first daughters with a variation of the father's name along with the mother's maiden name. Once the naming process according to tradition was on the legal documents, the baby girl was tagged with a clever nickname that was more in keeping with popular southern female names of the day.

The odd thing is that this tradition for baby names in the modern south is still in practice even though infant mortality is at all time lows.

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