Best Portable Crib Bedding Sets That Make Traveling and Overnight Trips with Baby Easier

If you prefer to take your own baby bed when you travel with your infant, portable crib bedding is crucial. Standard size baby bedding should not be used for mini cribs it is too big for the small mattress. No matter how confident you are that you can tuck the fitted sheet around the small crib mattress, you may be putting your newborn in unnecessary danger.

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Why put your precious baby at risk when mini crib bedding sets are so cheap? No parent would willingly put a price on their child’s safety but when in a pinch and caught in dire circumstances when we find ourselves without proper childcare equipment there are times when even the most safety conscious mothers and fathers are tempted to take the path of least resistance that could have disastrous results.

? Most sets include a matching travel crib comforter, bumper pad, and fitted sheet. Luxury collections offer the option of decorative pillows and dust ruffles. Many parents consider both the comforter and the bumper to have no place in a baby’s bed and won’t use them. If this is your opinion, you may save money by buying the fitted portable crib sheet alone rather than to pay for decorative accessories that won’t be used.

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The key to avoiding the hasty and possibly dangerous temptation to use poorly fitting travel crib sheets and bedding sets is to be prepared. If you purchase a travel crib for your baby, do not leave the baby discount store or close out your shopping cart online without buying a set of portable crib bedding that is the right size for your mini crib.

Without a doubt 100% cotton is the fiber of choice for portable crib sheets. High quality cotton jersey knit is a popular choice for the fitted sheet because of its softness and durability. Never assume that a bedding set is cotton as there are many offered on the market at the time of this article that contain as much as 65% polyester with 35% cotton. Some shoppers have no preference, but why pay the same price for synthetic blends when you can have breathable cotton at the same price? A good rule of thumb is to always check the fabric content tag.

Your fitted portable crib sheet is not a place that you want to scrimp on fabric. Just as in your own bedding, deep pockets are ideal as you can sleep the night through without the fitted sheet threatening to pop off the travel crib mattress . In the adult world, a fitted sheet that fits the mattress is more comfortable. When it comes to baby bedding, a snug, secure fit is of the utmost importance. Loose sheets in a crib or cradle present a possible suffocation risk. If the sheet that comes with your portable crib bedding set does not fit over and under the edge of the mattress with sturdy elastic to anchor the sheet underneath the mattress, I would advise that you return this set of portable crib bedding to the store immediately and find another set that won’t be a problem further down the line.

Once you have the aspects of safety and proper fit, then you can address the issues of color and design. There are attractive and inexpensive portable crib bedding collections that will beautifully decorate your baby’s bed. Some mothers like the fabric to coordinate with the same baby nursery theme and room design that is in place at home while others use the portable mini or travel baby crib as an opportunity to enjoy their second choice in color scheme or fabric print. The idea is that they want their baby’s mini crib at the grandparent’s house to be just as stylish and fashionable as the one in their bedroom at home.

This is an area where you may be able to enjoy substantial savings as there are lightly used portable crib bedding sets in excellent offered through online auctions at deep discounts off retail price. Mini crib bedding is not used and therefore not washed as often as the nursery’s primary bedding which puts you in prime position to pick up upscale bedding at a cheap price.

For the parent who buys new, crib sheets fall within the $10 to $35 range and if you buy your portable crib bedding as a set you will find prices anywhere from $49 to $130. Used prices range from less than $5 at the local garage sale to an amazing price of less than $15 through an auction.

At those prices, even the most cash strapped families can afford to outfit their baby’s mini crib in a safe and fashionable manner.

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