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Get ready for your laugh of the day with our gallery of funny monkey pictures. Somehow picture search engines just don’t seem to have a good sense of humor when I enter those words. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a machine doesn’t have any idea what may or may not constitute funny pictures of baby monkeys.

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Our children find cute baby monkey pictures showing them with their parents in their natural, jungle environment. Could it be that they see a little resemblance to themselves and wonder why those furry creatures seem to be having such a great time flying through the air from tree to tree

while they are corralled in play yards and cribs? Do they wonder what it would be like to enjoy the freedom or have the fun that they see in those funny monkey pictures?

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It’s great to sit in a comfortable chair with your child in your lap and share a belly laugh over the antics of Curious George or some funny monkey graphics or drawings in a storybook or cartoon strip. Spread the joy and laughter beyond a few minutes while reading a bedtime story to your kids; design their rooms in such a way that some framed monkey art on the walls not only adds color and style to the decor but can be used as a helpful tool to turn those occasional frowns into sunny smiles.

The way that gorillas conduct their lives and raise their young is so very intriguing. They are so innocent and charming and yet under the surface the casual observer is aware of how powerful and dangerous they can be. Should the circumstances arise where these huge, wild animals feel threatened, their base instincts take over and they go into defense mode with dire results to the offending party. The funny monkey pictures that we frame and hang on the walls in our children’s bedrooms don’t show the dangerous side of a mother gorilla cradling her baby in her arms. Parents want to wait a while before exposing the kids to the harsh realities of nature. Let them enjoy their funny monkey pictures with cartoon drawings of smiling gorillas for as long as possible before they are forced to deal with that side of life.

Pictures of baby capuchin monkeys are not quite as ominous as pictures of mother apes and their babies. These obedient babies are small, sweet faced little guys that are often docile enough to be (sadly) sold as pets. When I see images of capuchin monkey babies with their mothers, happily riding on their backs or eating their lunch I would much rather believe that they are happy at home in their natural habitat rather than being forced to behave in an unnatural way in a house that is not suitable for their needs.

Here are some suggestions for children’s rooms where funny monkey pictures would work great as wall decorations. Use your monkey pics in :

Photographs and pics of baby monkeys with a leafy, green background are great for a natural color scheme in a child’s room. But if it's funky pops of color with large images that you need for your project, framed posters and art prints of monkeys are hard to beat.

Newborns tend to pick up bold graphics and contrasts very early so a large drawing with lots of color contrast or even a black and white picture may be the best choice in decorations for an infant's walls.

When your child is older and showing signs of environmental awareness may the best time to make a gallery of pictures of monkeys taken on your trip to the Amazon jungles. Enjoy the more whimsical and fun monkey art prints while they are little and still giggle when they see a picture of a cute baby monkey on the walls of their room.

Return to find more monkey baby nursery ideas and information kid's rooms where you can display your monkey picture gallery with stylish results.

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