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Everybody I know loves to look at cute baby pictures. Who doesn't get a laugh out of funny pictures of babies or admire a precious photo of a newborn baby wearing anything from their Sunday best to a t-shirt and a diaper? If the outfits are accompanied by a toothless grin that’s even better. Isn't it amazing that a picture of a sleeping infant is guaranteed to bring the strongest of men to their knees?

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The ability to be touched by those sweet faces is something that most people are born with. Before we ever heard the term “DNA” mothers were aware of something in their basic chemistry realized in the early days of childhood when playing with dolls was a warm up exercise for real parenting. Perhaps this is the reason that baby pictures never fail to lift our spirits and give us that warm and fuzzy feeling.

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Example: How old is your baby?
What is his or her given name?
Are there any details about the birth or pregnancy that you might want to share?
Tell us about the outfit!
We love stories that go along with the pics!


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Here is a sweet picture of baby sleeping peacefully.

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I feel that there is no such thing as an ugly baby! I never get tired of my friends and family members digging in their purses to pull out a wallet filled with cute baby pictures. Since the inception of this site, I have spent many hours searching for the perfect sonogram picture frame that would work well in decorating one baby nursery theme or another which to some might seem silly. But there is something so wonderful and inspiring in those first photos that I completely understand the parents wanting to include it in their nursery’s decorations. It's not unusual to see pictures and posters made from baby's first portrait decorating the nursery walls.

Celebrity baby pictures may be more highly sought after and even command high prices but in my mind every baby is a movie star and deserves a few moments of fame as do the moms who give birth. If you are expecting and want to share your pregnant belly pictures you are certainly entitled to do so and undoubtedly will get comments filled with enthusiasm and support from other mothers to be. The same goes for sonogram pictures, cute baby pictures and funny baby pictures. And makes it easy for you to share your cute baby pictures. Just upload your photos using the form and include any details that you would like to share.

Details that you might want to include with your cute baby pictures might be:

  • Your baby’s first and middle name
  • The age of the baby in the picture
  • Any special details about your pregnancy, conception or the
  • baby’s birth (we love baby stories!)
  • Details about the outfits, clothes or jewelry worn in the baby pictures.
  • Is the gown an heirloom?
  • Did your mom give your baby girl the bracelet or earrings?

I hope that you will stop back by Unique Baby Gear, Cute Baby Pictures and Nursery Decorating Ideas from time to time and upload follow up photos so we enjoy seeing your baby grow! And don't forget to send in your baby nursery pictures!

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