Best Boon Flair High Chair Reviews and Video Demonstration

On this page you will find the best of all Boon Flair High Chair Reviews. There is plenty of information on this amazing high chair ready and waiting for you to read. And for those of you who would rather watch a Boon Flair video; you have come to the right page. There is a full video demonstration of how the Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair with pneumatic lift actually works with a rundown of its pros and cons.

Dads and mothers-to-be who visit here have discerning taste and want only the safest and best baby gear but they also love a bargain. They also have a keen eye for what will looks great AND they want all of this without spending too much. They want the best baby high chair with an expensive look for a cheap price. That’s a pretty tall order but you will quickly learn from the opinions shared in my Boon Flair high chair review that this product may just fit the bill.

I’m a busy lady with no time to clean cracks with a toothpick so one of the first things I check for in a baby high chair is whether or not there are nooks and crannies where my crafty little ones can cram food for kicks. After carefully checking the tray and seat area, I can report that even my girls would have trouble finding openings where they can stash crumbs and stuff sticky stuff for mommy to dig for later.

Two other features that raise consumer ratings in most every one of the Boon Flair high chair reviews is the tray that can be washed in the dishwasher while using the EXTRA removable tray cover.

For those of you who don’t get the need for pneumatic capabilities; this is pure luxury when lifting your child in and out of the chair. It comes in very handy at mealtime. I could situate the baby at the perfect height for feeding her while sitting at the table! I had read complaints in other Boon Flair High Chair Reviews that the lift didn't operate smoothly. I didn't have any problems with it but I did note that it got easier with use.

My opinion is that the Flair is a very safe high chair. The safety bar makes it practically impossible for a baby to slip either by accident or to deliberately escape (like my little monkey) before the safety harness is secure. Even my baby Houdini would be hard-pressed to get out once the harness has been snapped. The round pedestal design may even make it safer than standard wooden high chairs with 4 legs since the chance that children running through the dining area aren’t as likely to get tangled up in the legs and turn the high chair over.

One more thing that I would like to add is that I LOVE how easy the chair is to move. You can’t see the wheels because they are underneath the round pedestal base but they roll like a dream in every direction. I have had to pick up other high chairs to move them around to avoid scarring my kitchen and dining room floor but the Boon Flair’s pedestal design makes it possible for me to move the chair with no problems whatsoever and use the braking system when I want it to stay put.

One of the negatives is that the Flair gets such high ratings that stores with the best prices sometimes are sold out of the most popular colors.

There are a few little things that I would change or improve on the Flair. I hate to mention them because I feel that the designers at Boon do an amazing job and there’s probably a reason that the removable tray cover doesn’t completely cover the lip of the tray. Did I mention how lazy I am about cleaning? Well, I am and if the tray cover would just cover that lip, there would be no reason for me to wipe off the permanent tray at all after meals.

Some people have mentioned in other Boon Flair High Chair Reviews that they feel it’s a little pricey. Well, I’m not one to say that anything priced at $200 is cheap but if you check out the prices of other chairs and compare features and construction I believe that you will come to see, as I did, that it is not that much more expensive than others that would be much more of a hassle to clean and use. Take a look at the construction in person and I think you will be in total agreement with my opinions.

The Boon Flair comes with, two tray covers and can be used until your child exceeds either the weight limit of 50 pounds or the age limit of four years. Plus it comes with two tray covers included in the price!

If you would like a more technical list of features and Boon Flair specifications, please visit for the latest news of the Boon product line.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts and opinions using the comment section on this page. Real consumer opinions are what make Boon Flair High Chair reviews worth reading!

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