Our Baby High Chair Reviews Help You Decide What is the Best High Chair for Your Needs

On this page you will find baby high chair reviews written by real moms and dads as well as videos demonstrating many features of the latest, most popular seats available in today's marketplace. Most manufacturers of modern baby gear make sure that their products fall well within guidelines as far as safety features are concerned but nothing, in my opinion, takes the place of consumer opinions regarding the functionality, appearance and convenience of high chairs and other baby products.

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Baby High Chair Reviews

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Why is the information in consumer reports so important?
The fact that consumer opinions are unbiased makes baby high chair reviews written by actual parents worth their weight in gold. Comments from moms and dads who use these seats on a daily basis with REAL babies go far beyond the scope of government safety tests.

My opinion is that testers need feedback from parents who have actually:

a. Buckled baby in the seat
b. Unbuckled them from the seat
c. Cleaned the chair from top to bottom including the tray after a meal

And to know what is the best high chair for our babies, so do we!

Are you saying that government safety guidelines are not strict enough?
As long as emergency rooms continue to treat children brought in with injuries received while in a baby high chair; there is room for improvement.

The government as well as the manufacturers of baby gear have a vested interest in providing parents with high chairs that are safe, comfortable and easy to use. But ultimately, making the decision of what is the best high chair for your needs and using it correctly is your responsibility. Hopefully, our baby high chair reviews will help you make an educated and informed choice.

Are the Best High Chairs Expensive?
As you are beginning to realize after reading our baby high chair reviews; you don't have to budget for a high end high chair with lots of bells and whistles to have a safe seat for your baby but I can't say whether or not you will be happy with a cheap high chair.

If you can't live with a bare-bones, folding wood high chair with no padding or the luxury of easy clean, removable trays perhaps you should start shopping NOW for a used high chair with all of the features that you want.

WARNING: Buying a used baby high chair can save lots of money but you will not only want to read lots of baby high chair reviews (and take notes!) to be sure it's a good investment; you should give the seat a thorough inspection from top to bottom before handing over your cash.


  • Be sure that all of the parts are there.
  • Inspect the belts to be sure that they are in good condition
  • Be sure that everything works as it should
  • Request a copy of the owner's manual
  • Check to see if the seat has been included in any recalls.

The Parents' Responsibility in Matters of High Chair Safety
A strong safety belt with a sturdy buckle doesn't do the least bit of good if mom and dad choose not to use them and cautions in the owner's manual go unheeded unless parents take the time to read them.

The safest baby gear in the world can fail if we don't do our part and learn to use the features properly or use good, common sense. For example, we should never put our babies in a high chair and leave them unattended or neglect to buckle the safety belt. Consumer reports, baby high chair reviews and the owner's manual are required reading for new parents. That with a healthy dose of common sense will go a long way towards keeping infants safe!

Unique Baby Gear Ideas would like to invite our visitors to participate and write their own to help us to achieve our goals and educate new parents on how to find the best high chairs and use them properly and to spot safety issues problems if and when they exist.

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