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I have a free baby hat pattern for you crafty people complete with instructions on how to increase and decrease the size. This makes it an excellent pattern to use for a cap for a baby doll as well as a newborn infant.

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I hope that you enjoy the pattern and when you finish, please send us some pictures of the finished knitted baby hat to share with other knitters who could use a little inspiration to pick up those needles, a skein of worsted baby weight yarn and get to work.

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By adding extra stitches to the front, and making the crown proportionately larger, this baby hat pattern should be found to serve admirably for baby's knitted hat, or as large a hat as wanted.

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Using blue Saxony and medium steel needles, cast on 74 stitches; knit plain back and forth until you have 10 single ribs, then bind off 6, knit across to within 6 stitches of the end and bind off these. This is for the front or turnover of the hat.

Next row, knit 1, * over, narrow, knit 1; repeat, forming holes in which to run ribbon.

Now change to white yarn and knit across, adding 6 extra stitches distributed along the front near the top in order to make the back a trifle full, * knit 1 row, purl 1 row and knit 1 row for a triple rib; repeat from * 16 times, always slipping the 1st stitch of each row of the baby hat pattern to give a good selvage.

Bind off 26 stitches on each end of the work; be sure that this is done on the wrong side, and just before knitting the last row of last rib, as the binding off finishes the rib and is essential in keeping all the ribs the same.

Knit the crown on the 16 middle stitches, in the triple ribs described. Widen twice each end of crown needle during 1st 2 ribs. Knit same number of ribs as the front, narrowing once or twice each end of needle near extreme end of crown.

Pick up the stitches for the neck around lower part of crown and fronts, about 18 stitches on each of the latter and alternate loops on the crown; knit across with blue, making a row of holes as on the front; knit 6 or 7 single ribs, and sew neatly to the stitches bound off at lower edge of front.

Sew the crown of the free baby hat pattern neatly to front, run ribbon in the spaces made for it and tighten slightly then finish with ties and bows made from colorful satin ribbon.

Please make it a point to visit us again soon to find more free baby patterns and baby nursery ideas as well as everything you need for your baby's layette and his or her room.

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