Easy Quick Knit Baby Blanket Pattern Instructions for Beginners

The following FREE easy knit baby blanket knitting pattern calls for worsted weight yarn or can be knit with Sport weight yarn that's been doubled. I find it's always a good idea to create a sample swatch when using any yarn I have not used before. 

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TIP: Don't waste precious time and yarn, use your test square to use as a dishcloth!

Acrylic yarn will work, but natural fibers are always a welcome gift and have such a lovely hand when your sewing project is completed. Custom items knitted with wool yarn are not as easy care and may make baby itch! Cotton yarn or a soft cashmere blanket whipped up with some washable yarn may be a better choice for a baby's layette.

Free Baby Blanket Knitting Patterns

Remember that the best yarn that you can afford for your project is always a good idea since time is valuable!

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We want nothing less than perfection when knitting a soft place for that sweet baby to rest his or her little head. With all the love we pour into our free baby knitting patterns, what's a little test run going to hurt in the long run? Once I find a combination of yarn, gauge, needles and baby patterns that I love I tend to repeat them over and over. I even keep a journal so that I can refer back and remember which items really turned out well and were received well at showers as gifts.

Let's Start Knitting

HERE are the basic stitches that you will need to know for this project.

MORE Easy - Quick Knitted Patterns and Instructions

Free Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Pattern

On (US) size 9 needles (or whatever size will achieve correct gauge), Cast on 108 stitches. Row 1: Knit all the way across Row 2: 3 border stitches, ( slip first stitch and knit the next 2), ( K2 together K6, YO, K1, YO, K6, K2 tog. twice, K6, YO, K1, YO, K6, K2 tog), repeat ( ) twice more, K 3 for border Row 3: Purl every stitch Repeat these three rows until the length you want is achieved. Remember the blanket's length will increase once the blanket is blocked. You will keep the border stitches on every row, always slipping the first stitch each row. A finer (possibly cashmere?) or heavier yarn, smaller or larger size blanket, by adjusting the number of the pattern repeats that are used. One pattern repeat contains 34 stitches. Complete your personalized project by sewing on some sumptuous satiny blanket binding. Ways to personalize your blanket:
  • Are you familiar with embroidery? If so, hand embroider the baby's date of birth with a contrasting yarn on the corner of your blanket
  • Have the baby blanket custom monogrammed with baby's initials. Ready to do some more knitting for baby? There are many more free baby patterns on Unique Baby Gear Ideas so visit again soon to see more ideas for making your own items for the baby's nursery and to find more baby blanket knitting patterns!

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