Cute Twins Shower Invitations for Twin Baby Boys, Girls or Both

The easy approach to twins shower invitations is to adapt modern themes for multiples. We have a few unique tricks up our sleeve for twins baby shower invitations that will get you started. When making your own invitations, you have creative control over what pictures, baby clip art and graphics to stamp on the front of your homemade card so really all you need is some ideas.

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There are plenty of custom, ready made invitations if you don’t want to go the handmade route, but you still need to know what’s available, so keep reading! There are a few modern baby shower themes that you can modify for multiples if you are clever.

Nice twin baby shower favor ideas

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It always helps to know the sex of the babies so that the twins shower invitations can be personalized. But if you don’t know whether the shower is for baby girls, baby boys or both, there are some gender neutral themes that we can work with.

Thing 1 - Thing 2 Dr Seuss Baby Shower Twins Shower Invitations

At this time there are not many "Thing 1 and Thing 2" party supplies but Horton Hears a Who decorations are plentiful. My suggestion would be to supplement the Horton Hears a Who or Cat in the Hat invitations and supplies with a cake that is all "Thing 1 and Thing 2" or cupcakes decorated appropriately using neon blue cotton candy as hair.

Two Peas in a Pod Twins Shower Invitations

This is an excellent invitation for twins, triplets on up to quadruplets or even quintuplets! Just stamp a pretty, lime green pea pod on the front of the card and draw as many individual peas inside as you need. You don’t even need a stamp; just a bright green blank invitation, a black sharp tip ink pen and some artistic ability. The pea pod invitation is one of the most versatile of all the multiple shower invitation options.

Moon and Stars Twin Shower Invitations
The moon and stars theme is another popular theme that has made its way onto baby shower invitations. I would suggest a blank card pre-printed with a blue sky and clouds or a dark blue background scattered with tiny stars and then stamp a full or crescent moon surrounded by two larger stars for twins, three for triplets etc. on up to however many babies that the shower is for.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas for a Twin Boy and Girl
A cute way to make the announcement that the twins include both a baby boy and a baby girl is a clothesline shower invitation. Take a blank invitation, and draw a clothesline across the front and then stamp a pair of baby boy shorts or jeans secured to the line with clothespins side by side with a pink, frilly baby girl dress. The outfits can be adjusted to reflect how many babies that mom is expecting as well as their gender.

Two By Two Jungle Animals Invitation Ideas
For this invitation, you will need two large stamps of whatever animal you choose and two (or more) baby animals of the same species. You will want to stamp the larger (mommy and daddy) animals on each side of the card with the small (baby animals) animals stamped in the middle. The effect will be that mommy and daddy are watching over their twins or triplets on the shower invitation.

If you have any ideas or pictures of homemade twins or triplets shower invitations, please share them with the visitors to our site! We are always interested in creative ideas for cute, homemade shower invitations.

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