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Unique personalized baby blankets make a gift basket so much more special and we all know that it’s the personal touches that make the difference. Any baby item that has baby’s information printed or embroidered in a visible location automatically makes it more memorable. Besides the fact that baby blanket gift baskets make a showy presentation; extra blankets come in handy.

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I can’t count the times that I used a blanket for other purposes than as a quilt or warm bedding. For example, I’ve draped a light blanket to block the sun out of my baby’s beautiful blue eyes when out for a ride in the stroller, used one as a pallet for a quick nap or as a tablecloth for a spur of the moment picnic on the grounds.

I saved my special personalized baby blanket with a luxurious satin back and fine fabrics for special occasions like church on Sunday where there was less chance of getting stains on it. My goal was for this elegant baby blanket to be kept in pristine condition so that it could be part of the collection of in baby’s memory box along with her christening gown, bonnet and satin shoes with the little pearl buttons and bows.

Pink lamb personalized baby blanket for a baby girl

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There were others that were less expensive, made from flannel but special nonetheless because of the fact that several of these personalized baby blankets were hand embroidered by family members that are no longer with us. Their names and the dates they made the blankets are stitched on the opposite corner from my little girl’s name. The warmth and love put into each piece makes it impossible to put a price tag on such a sweet personalized baby gift.

Here are some ideas for how to personalize a baby blanket for the special newborn in your family.

Where to Buy Personalized Baby Blankets

First, I want to suggest that you either make or buy a blanket that will stand up to many machine washings and then see how much a local shop will charge you to personalize the baby blanket. I have found that this is the best way to get an excellent blanket for a cheap price. There are online retailers where you can buy your blankets, give them your baby’s name and date of birth all in one visit, but you should comparison shop and read some reviews written by their customers to be sure that the fabric was good quality and the embroidery was neatly done.

The basics that are embroidered on the blanket are generally a baby’s name and date of birth. However, you can dedicate a corner to say who the gift was from if you like. Inspirational or motivational words like “Love” or “Gift from God” or “Our Little Angel” or other sentiments are very thoughtful and appropriate as well.

What if the baby’s birthday is a mystery? If your personalized baby blanket is a gift for a child who has yet to be born, it might be a bad idea to embroider the name or monogram the initials on the fabric. More than one sonogram picture has been known to be incorrect. You would hate to have a blanket with Jane embroidered on it when John arrives, wouldn’t you? The answer to this problem is either to give a gift certificate to a baby boutique whose specialty is unique personalized baby blankets or to buy a gender neutral color with an inspirational quote or phrase that would work for either sex.

Colors that blend well with the baby’s nursery set are nice, but not absolutely necessary. Pastel pink, blue, lavender and mint green are nice, but modern clothing and bedding for infants have taken us far beyond those classic color limitations. Funky colors have made an appearance as popular options for strollers and other baby gear. So, it’s only reasonable to purchase personalized baby blankets that compliment and blend.

Another way to personalize a blanket is to pick fabric with a design that has special meaning to the family. For instance if mom or dad is into astrology a moon and stars print would be appropriate. If the family is into farming a John Deere print fabric would work.

The embroidery is priced according to how many letters are in the words that you want stitched onto the blanket. The more letters, motifs or shapes that you request will make the price tag go up. The size and the material of the blanket will make a difference as well as whether the edges have a plain hem or are trimmed with ruffles or special trimming of some kind.

A baby blanket gift might not be the most exciting or modern item that is on the table at the baby shower. But I would say that it just might be the most endearing as well as useful. Tuck a toy or a burp set in the basket along with your personalized baby blanket to make a complete gift set that you designed yourself.

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