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Organic baby nursery decor is becoming the nursery design of choice for savvy moms who want to give their babies the very best start in life that they possibly can. We are now educated to the dangers that have been lurking hiding behind the beauty of a freshly painted room and beautifully finished furniture that made your eyes burn and gave your nose that perpetual drip not to mention that nasty cough that you suffered with until the fumes finally wore off.

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With so much information available on the benefits of buying organic fabrics and chemical free products, more of us are naturally shopping for organic nursery decor ESPECIALLY since it's no more expensive than the "other" kind. This earth friendly, green nursery decorating trend probably won’t stop at the nursery door, but the primary goal at hand for parents is to create a non-toxic environment where their newborns can escape from harmful dyes and fumes. The rest of the family home can wait; the nursery takes top priority!

Aqua organic baby nursery crib bedding set with applique birds on the crib quilt, tree branch decorations and wall decor

After you finally locate an all natural wood crib, it would be counterproductive to fill it with anything less than an organic crib mattress and organic nursery bedding.

This organic baby crib mattress is a good fit, cheaper than most and chemical free!


And, no, this does not mean that you have to settle for baby bedding that is brown like a burlap sack. Now that mommies have wised up they are demanding organic baby nursery bedding in the same pretty colors they admired in their pre-eco-friendly days. The results are organic nursery bedding collections that are made using organic cotton fabrics with colors created using eco-friendly dyes.

Now that we know that shiny and new does not necessarily mean safe, where should we to start to head these chemicals off and keep them from infiltrating our homes?
Sadly, they sneak through our doors by way of the paint on the nursery furniture, the crib mattress, baby bedding and rugs. The key is to shop for even the most basic of items that are manufactured without being dyed, dipped and finished using harmful chemicals that may leave more residue than we are comfortable with.

If you are giving the guest bedroom a makeover or building a new home, you can make decisions early only to avoid carpet and paint that are the main culprits of chemical off-gassing. Not only are traditional carpets treated with flame retardants and chemicals that prevent stains from soaking in but they harbor allergens. A better choice for an organic baby nursery would be eco-friendly flooring made of sustainable materials like bamboo and cork.

That fresh, clean paint smell that your mom thought smelled so wonderful, well, we now know that those volatile organic compounds are not great for little lungs (or big ones either for that matter). Low or Zero VOX paints should be at the top of your organic baby nursery shopping list, for sure!

Natural Nursery Furniture and the Baby’s Crib
Neither pressed wood or stained wood is an acceptable choice for organic nursery decor. Buying a crib and furniture made of natural wood is much better than surrounding your baby with the chemicals found in stains, varnish and adhesives.

It’s true that decades will pass before we know the true importance of an organic baby nursery and reducing the level of chemical exposure in our homes but I expect that our transition to organic nursery decorating ideas will be proven to have been worthwhile.

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