Why Moms Prefer Organic Crib Mattresses for Baby

Organic crib mattresses had never been on my list of necessary baby nursery equipment, but my youngest baby was born with a compromised immune system. This poor baby was a poster child for every reason under the sun why parents should shop for natural mattresses and baby care products. We have two older daughters that breezed through the infant stage without a hitch, then came this infant with both allergies and asthma.
When we tucked her in the bassinet where our other two had done so well, the negative effects were almost instantaneous. Even our pediatrician who is not very quick on the uptake in many circumstances gave us the advice not to get an organic mattress pad, but to replace all of the bedding with organic cotton and to get an organic crib mattress as soon as possible.
I would say that my little family is a perfect example of the fact that our children are struggling with many environmentally mediated diseases. The cases of asthma, juvenile cancers and developmental disorders are going through the roof. Tiny newborn infants are much more at risk than older children, but kids up to six years in age are without a doubt most at risk for chemical toxicity.

I considered the investment in an organic bassinet mattress as well as organic crib mattresses to be of the utmost importance as my baby would be spending a large amount of time in contact with these items. After I had my crib mattress with the organic mattress cover in place, I then began to wonder why after two problem free babies had this occurred. I will share a little bit of what I learned with you. WHY ARE BABY MATTRESSES CAUSING PROBLEMS ALL OF A SUDDEN?
For many years, baby slept on mattresses made of primarily natural substances. Moms had very little to use for padding other than cotton, so those babies might have had a lump or two in their bedding but nothing to cause breathing problems. However, in the last quarter century or so “improvements” were made that included the addition of chemicals that are believed to have caused some babies lots of problems. The chemical, according to some, that is the most dangerous is Polyvinyl Chloride (abbreviated: PVC) more commonly known as vinyl. I wonder at times if this chemical or one of the others is what had such an adverse effect on my little asthmatic baby girl or was it phthalates that made the purchase of an organic crib mattress so necessary as a first step in eliminating toxins in her environment. At any rate, if you read up on all the bad stuff that polyvinyl chloride and phthalates can do, you will be running to the store to pick up an organic crib mattress of your very own. Why take a chance that a simple mattress might damage our baby’s tender organs before they’ve had a chance to develop?

For safety tips and how to make sure that your baby crib mattress is a perfect fit, return to Unique Baby Gear Ideas.

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