Bugaboo Stroller - Frog Baby Stroller Review and Opinions

I said what were they thinking! The Bugaboo Stroller or ANY stroller on this earth could NEVER be worth that much money. And what about that name? The Bugaboo Frog? I would NEVER pay that much for a stroller! The Frog? Why wouold they call any stroller a frog was beyond me, was it green? Yes, I just had to go to the baby center and take a look. Then I had to HAVE one. This is baby stroller luxury such as we've never experienced before!

Yes, tightwad little me. The lowest price I found for the Bugaboo Frog pushchair was $879.00 to buy online! Pretty expensive even when using the promotional codes! Here's hoping that my Bugaboo experience is worthy of great reviews!

Welcome to my personal Bugaboo Review. Sorry, Bugaboo Frog BABY STROLLERs review. Bugaboo and review just rhyme so well and I'd wanted to work it into an article since forever! Bugaboo and baby strollers don't sound nearly as cute.

The Bugaboo Stroller line intrigued me from the start. A few years ago when the Bugaboo stroller called the Frog was released and WHOA...the retail price was roughly twice that of the priciest stroller on the market. The Bugaboo Frog was really stepping out there in a confident way! I was ever so anxious to see what this pushchair had to offer that was well….twice as Frog - gy as all the other strollers! And could I AFFORD for my child to be a Bugaboo child?

The Bugaboo Frog pushchair is reputedly the stroller of choice for the Hollywood set. Bugaboo strollers are just one of the areas where I see the average mom following the lead of celebrity moms.

Back to the Bugaboo stroller review. The Bugaboo Frog has won many fans not to mention awards! Apparently the collaboration between a Dutch engineer and a medical doctor resulted in a sound design. It’s good to see that you might just get what you pay for and it’s not just about everybody knowing that you are pushing baby about in an extremely expensive, high ticket item. I'm still wondering what The Frog had to do with strolling babies and where the name "Frog" came from? Maybe Frog has some infant significance in Dutch that's lost in translation?

I was impressed with how solid the Frog baby stroller felt in spite of the fact it is a very lightweight (I seen everywhere from 19 to 23 lbs, but have not weighed it myself ) item.

I wanted to have it all put together by the time hubby got home. So I was pleased to see that it came with a handy instructional Video that was definitely worth watching and it did make assembly go smoother. Anything that makes putting a Frog together go a little smoother is a huge plus to me! Sorry, I still laugh when I hear the name. We have to appreciate the Bugaboo Stroller Company's sense of humor!

The company also provides a maintenance kit for your Bugaboo Frog . I must say I had to stop and ponder this a moment. Here I had just paid as much for a stroller as I paid for my first car and they felt the need to include tools to fix it? The good news is that I have not had to FIX it. Maintaining my Bugaboo Stroller on the other hand is acceptable.

This is a nice item to add to your For Dads list. What daddy doesn't need a Frog? My 6ft. 3in. husband gave it a big thumbs up in his Bugaboo Frog review! He was able to stroll without bending to hold the handlebars and he didn’t have to take short steps to keep from kicking the tires as he has had to do with other strollers! Bugaboo Frog baby strollers do fine on moderately bumpy sidewalks and most dirt paths. The little Bugaboo Frog complete just hops right along. Actually, it rolls really smoothly and the four wheels may be all that’s keeping it from being in the jogging stroller category.

Our older child just loves the wheel board. The Bugaboo Stroller works just as well when he’s along for a stroll on the wheel board. If he’s not along we just clip it up out of the way. The Bugaboo Frog bag will hold tasty snacks for later!

Bugaboo Strollers offer some pretty nice accessories, which must be bought separately.

  • A protective transport bag
  • a foot muff that looks kind of like the bottom half of a sleeping bag

Again, more highly priced than some, but the quality is good. Oh yes,the Bugaboo people even offer a Bugaboo Diaper Bag or as I like to call it, a Bugaboo Frog bag!

The stroller is useable from birth to a maximum load of 44 lbs. The Bugaboo Frog has a bassinet feature that is handy for use with a newborn. The bassinet and the seat both can be removed from the chassis and used independently. However, handy and roomy it may be, the bassinet is not one of your required baby accessories. You can put your baby in the actual seat in flat or a semi-reclined position for up to two and a half-hours. If you plan to have outings past that length of time, go ahead and get the Bugaboo bassinet.

There is an adjustable handle bar that allows you to view your baby’s face or allow baby to view the road ahead. Should your little one get fussy and she is facing you with the smaller swivel wheels in front, give the handle bar a flip by pulling up the two pegs on each side the handle bar or chassis to allow baby to look the other way! Sometimes a change of vista is all that’s needed! Babies get bored too! In this position the larger fixed wheels are in front. This is not a problem as the seat is removable and capable of being turned around. It would always be necessary to remove your child before turning the seat around.

For practical purposes as well as being super cutesy, Bugaboo offers a parasol that clips onto the napper bar. It has an adjustable arm to keep the sun out of the baby’s face and they offer several colors. I just never felt the need for this particular item. The hood always seemed adequate for our use. Although in one Bugaboo Frog review that I read, the consumer thought it was inconvenient to use.

If you happen to have one of the top carseat recommendations, the Graco Snugride, you may want to get the adapter pieces that will let you to pop the car seat onto the Bugaboo chassis. But don’t we already have enough parts to keep up with? If you do opt for this feature be sure to listen for the double clicks and give it a few good tugs to be sure it's really in there!

Speaking of keeping up with baby stuff! The Bugaboo Frog has an under carriage bag that can be difficult to deal with according to more than one Bugaboo Frog Baby Stroller review. Some consumers highly recommended the Frog bag holder sets. The bag holder sets are two plastic pieces that clip on each side of the handle bar. You can then use these to hang shopping bags or your purse from the handles. The bag holder sets will hold up to 5 lbs. One thing to remember is to keep the weight in these bags evenly distributed so that one side doesn’t outweigh the other. They do come in handy when just picking up a few items in the store. Although, I’d be careful how much I put in them. I would not take a chance on tipping your Frog stroller over.

I have had nothing but good experiences with my Bugaboo Frog and now we are expecting another little rider! I won’t have to do so much research this time. I am hinting to anybody that will listen what a wonderfully unique baby shower gift a new Bugaboo Stroller The Cameleon would be. Just allow me to make the choice of which of the colors to get.

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