Free Baby High Chair Plans Make It Easy to Build a High Chair

The free baby high chair plans on this page will make it easy to build a high chair that is safe, durable and attractive.   Many of the woodworking plans are rated highly and have been recommended by experts that are respected and even the beginner should get good results if their instructions and blueprints are followed to the letter.

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Please note that Unique Baby Gear Ideas should be held harmless and not be responsible should the high chair woodworking plans produce a chair that proves to be unsafe or to cause harm. Parents should consult an expert and follow their advice on all issues pertaining to the safety of baby furniture and gear.

Parents should consult an expert and follow their advice on all issues pertaining to the safety of baby furniture and gear.

Free Baby High Chair Plans

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Why buy ready-made baby furniture when parents can make everything that is needed to furnish the nursery? Wooden baby furniture is sturdy. Baby crib plans and cradle plans or the actual furniture are often passed down in families for generations as treasured heirlooms. The thought of descendents enjoying the fruits of our labor years after we are gone no doubt inspires those with woodworking skills to build high chairs and other items our rather than to buy.

Read Safety Standards for High Chairs

How to Build a Baby High Chair

Free high chair plans are a great place to start. A basic list of woodworking tools for beginners should be recommended in the instructions.

A list of basic tools and hardware requirements should be included with the blueprints. Before rushing out to buy hundreds of dollars in tools and supplies you should know that it is possible to build a baby crib using nothing more than the usual hand tools found in a basic tool kit.

DIY Baby High Chair Plans for Free

  1. Study the diagrams included with the plans carefully looking for indications that the baby chair you plan to build will be easy to keep clean.  Trust me that the wood will at some point be painted with carrots, peas with a little mashed potatoes and gravy for good measure. 
  2. Determine if the design seems sturdy enough to withstand several years of use by a wiggling, active baby who may or may not be happy sitting in the seat while everyone else is seated in a "grown-up" chair.
  3. Novices to woodworking should check the required skill level listed on the blueprints.   Wooden high chair plans for beginners should not have complicated joints and turnings.

Measurements and Specs of the Baby High Chair Woodworking Plans
The measurements listed in the plans should provide the width and height of the finished piece.

The finished chair should be such that it will fit underneath a standard height dining room table so that when the baby is older she can sit at the table and enjoy her meal with the family. Most high chair plans feature legs that can easily be adjusted to accommodate the height of most tables. Remember to measure from the floor to the underneath of the table not the surface of the table's top.

What kind of wood is best for making a wooden high chair?
Most of the woodworking experts recommend oak above all other hardwoods but said that pretty much any hardwood would be fine. One expert said that pine and other softwoods are prone to split and splinter making joining and routing a problem.

How much wood will I need to make a baby high chair?
You will need to refer to your woodworking plans to get exact measurements and always buy a few extra boards just in case. Some of the free plans that were highly recommended required 24 running feet of framing wood and 4 feet of material wide enough to build the seat of the high chair and a tray.

Please use the form on this page to add to our list of FREE high chair plans and to please return to write a review on them including a picture of the wooden high chair that you made.

List of Free Baby High Chair Plans

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