Best Fish Wall Stencil Patterns, Decals and Stickers

Using a fish wall stencil pattern, fish decals or stickers is a quick and easy way to give your kids' rooms or your baby's nursery a unique and personalized look. Stencils are a great way to get just the right color match for the fabrics and accessories that have been selected.

Fish Wall Decals

And when it comes to fish decals and stickers, you lose a little bit of flexibility that a fish stencil would allow in choosing paint colors, but you can still have fun playing with the arrangements of the reusable vinyl decals.

Fish Baby Nursery Theme

Fish Baby Bedding
Fish Shape Area Rugs

DIY Fish Wall Borders
Repeat a pattern of small tropical fish stencils around the room at ceiling or chair rail height as a border. You might consider using a large fish stencil to paint a large but similar design as a focal point over the baby’s crib or bouncing a random design on the nursery walls instead of buying expensive wallpaper.

Tropical Fish Wall Mural Painting Ideas
Skip hours of painting intricate fins and scales by using fish wall stencils to fill in the details of a colorful "under the sea" nursery wall mural. Here are some fishy themes for your consideration baby nursery themes such as:

  • An underwater ocean theme room
  • A Pirate themed bedroom wall
  • A tropical beach nursery theme
  • A nautical or sailing theme room
  • Hawaiian decor

Ideas for Decorating With Fish
Does your nursery have an adjoining bath? Before you pack up your fish wall stencil patterns and fish decals duplicate your nursery decor in the adjoining bathroom to tie the two rooms together.

More Than Fish
Even if your fish theme is of the strictly underwater variety, you should add something besides just fish and water to make things interesting. Coral, crabs, turtles or a pirate's shipwreck add lots of color and interest.

If it's a beach theme that you're working on, a tiki hut on the sandy beach would be nice with some dolphins playing in the surf for effect.

Here are a few wall painting techniques and
cool decorating ideas where a few free printable fish wall stencils, fish decals and stickers can be used with great success.

Neutral paint colors can be brought to life with large fish wall stencils of colorful blue and yellow Angel fish, sponges, seaweed and pieces of coral. If you can’t find enough sizes in free printable fish wall stencil designs, you can fill in the gaps with fish stickers and decals for your underwater wall scenes along with scuba divers for a baby boy’s nursery or mermaids for a baby girl’s room theme.

Tropical fish are a natural fit for a shipwreck and a long dead pirate that has been hanging around in Davy Jones’ locker for a century or two. Pictures of fish swimming in and out of the portholes or hovering over a sunken treasure filled with gold doubloons give another dimension to an otherwise flat and boring layout of underwater scenery.

Fish wall stencils aren’t limited to tropical fish. A deep sea fisherman might want swordfish on the walls, but fresh water fishing enthusiast might want a more domestic kind of fish wall stencil in his cabin. Rustic, lodge style hunting and fishing theme rooms would look great with some trout or bass fish wall stencils on the nursery walls or even the floors. In the some areas, the catfish might be a desirable decorative design, so get out the fine point paintbrush and get ready to paint some whiskers on your fish!

Fish wall stencils of various species of fresh water fish as well as salt water sea creatures are a very creative and inexpensive way to add a custom look to any room where water sports or lifestyles are a key element of the decor. And my advice for the modern mom with very little time on her hands is not to forget those fish decals!

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