Dragon Art, Pictures and Prints for a Baby Nursery Room

No matter what your age, dragon art holds an appeal that enchants both old and young. Their mystical involvement in many tales of adventure presents many styles and genres that add interest to the baby's nursery room that will easily be transitional to an older kid's room. Those dedicated to the search can find a poster, print or drawing that will blend perfectly with any decorating project. The stories filled with drama surrounding these mythical creatures are such an excellent conversation starter that any room where guests are entertained would be an excellent candidate.
Oriental dining rooms with black lacquer chests and cabinet doors with inlaid mother of pearl are the perfect spot for a huge piece of dragon wall art. An oriental painting or art drawing of a Chinese dragon that stretches from one end of the table to the other will be admired by all that are seated to enjoy a meal. If you happen to have some interesting details or a portfolio of sketches to share after dinner, the evening’s entertainment can be a discussion of fine art.

There are colorful examples of cartoon dragon wall art that are helpful in decorating bedrooms for kids. These are friendly dragons like the pink and purples ones that your children watch on Dragon Tales. After all, you wouldn’t want to hang pictures on the wall that would give the little ones nightmares. Dragon wall art for kids as well as fairytale dragon wall murals would be right at home in a medieval nursery theme, a princess theme or any style of children’s room that is about castles or a knight slaying a dragon.

For the teens in your house, there are dragon pictures and drawings of the more fierce fire breathing variety. These monsters are a virtual smorgasbord of webbed wings and flared nostrils spewing fire and brimstone while terrorizing shiploads of panicking passengers knowing that they are about to make their acquaintance with Davey Jones deep in the bottom of the ocean.

A quick and easy way to cover an entire wall with a dragon mural would be to use dragon decals to get the job done. In addition to your baby dragon stickers there are plenty of castles, knights in armor and damsels in distress to fulfill any storybook fantasy theme.

Mature tastes in dragon wall art lean toward pencil art drawing of a Chinese dragon that are so beautifully executed that it almost makes you forget the vicious characteristics of sea serpents and the wreckage they are said to have left in their wake. You should know when researching the various paintings that not all cultures look at dragons as violent creatures. For some reason dragons in the west developed a very bad reputation, while in the east, they are respected and thought to be likeable, intelligent as well as lovely creatures.

Oriental cultures regard dragons as angelic beings that are worshiped and held in awe because of their control over the waters. The pagodas, temples and shrines that are built to honor them are a beautiful sight to behold. Perhaps this is the reason for the intricacy and beauty of dragon wall art from that region which is totally unlike the unsettling images from the other side of the world.

Antique dragon drawings from the east are painstakingly done with an eye for the beauty as well as the underlying power the dragons are believed to hold. This type of dragon artwork deserves to be displayed in a place of dignity and respect in the home where it can be admired for the treasure that it is.

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