Best Baby Boy and Baby Girl Crib Bedding Sets

Baby crib bedding sets are one of my favorite nursery theme inspirations. However, no nursery decorating theme accessory is worth putting our babies in danger and the experts have spoken; the less baby bedding that is in the crib while baby is sleeping the better.
There appears to be no difference of opinion among the experts in this matter. Dress your baby’s crib with every piece of that luxury bedding set when baby is in the portable crib, baby carrier or playpen, but when your baby is put to bed the baby bedding set must be scaled down enough to guarantee safe sleep for baby.

A baby is completely reliant on the parent to guard against suffocation dangers and some of the items that are commonly included in baby boy and girls crib bedding collections have been targeted as potentially dangerous including crib bumper pads.

Read all the information you can find about SIDS and the co-relation of improper use of baby bedding with the occurrence of SIDS, bookmark the best sources and check back as new information is posted regularly about how we can prevent this horrible tragedy. There’s no wonder that there are so many products on the market geared towards a safe sleeping environment for babies. SIDS is every parent’s nightmare and no mother would ever want to feel that she did not do everything within her power to prevent it much less cause it by misusing something as simple as baby’s crib bedding set.

There’s much speculation on what exactly causes SIDS and what we can do to prevent it. A few simple things that parents are able to do themselves seem to have decreased the number of deaths such as how much baby bedding we allow in the crib and keeping baby on his or her back during sleep unless there is a doctor’s order not to do so.

Personalized baby blankets quilts and custom-made comforters are wonderful centerpieces in our baby crib bedding sets. But the experts say that the blankets or quilts or comforters should not be allowed in the crib with the baby while sleeping for various reasons. The only baby bedding items allowed in the crib with baby are the firm crib mattress that we took such care in shopping for and the baby crib sheets that match our baby bedding sets and then only if they fit tightly on the mattress. If not, out they go along with stuffed toys and everything else not declared baby safe.

In lieu of heavy crib bedding set on chilly nights, we can keep baby comfortable in a baby blanket sleeper. A desirable baby blanket sleeper would be one that is ideally made of a natural fiber such as cotton and can be worn over baby's other sleepwear without being too tight or that will keep baby too warm. This added layer of clothing keeps baby warm on cold nights and thus eliminates the need for swaddling baby in a blanket or any other baby bedding that could get wrapped too closely to baby’s face.

Another piece of baby bedding that has gotten a bad reputation in recent years is the crib set bumper pad and headboard piece. There’s a danger of suffocation if an infant should happen to push against the padding.

Do I have to tell you at this stage of the game that the personalized baby pillow and the heirloom hand embroidered pillow cases that Great Grandma passed down have to be ditched with the rest of the rejected baby bedding for safety’s sake? The sight of our baby’s head on the custom pillow we were looking forward to using must wait a few years at least. We can use it to decorate the crib with the rest of the baby crib bedding set on days that company is coming. Use all nine pieces of the crib set. As long as the baby is not in the bed at the same time as the baby bedding set, everything’s cool!

This article is not to say that we should forego buying the luxury baby bedding and custom crib sets of our dreams. Some of the more unique styles of crib bedding are:

Then again, there are the more mainstream and popular themed baby bedding sets such as:

  • Puppy Baby Crib Bedding
  • Patchwork Bear Bedding Crib Set
  • Teddy Bears Crib Bedding sets

I’m a huge fan of baby bedding sets, custom window treatments, luxury nursery furniture and nursery rugs!

There's nothing that says we can't have the most fashionable or trendy crib linens and still have our baby safe and sound. Then again, at times we need a reminder that we must use good judgement and the advice of experts in the field of safe baby sleep. Since babies crib bedding plays such an important role in developing nursery decorating ideas it's very helpful to know a thing or two about how to choose the best baby crib bedding set that is both cute and safe.

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